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Makeup/Beauty 101: & Fenty Beauty.

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( First I want to start of by appreciating the maker and owner of Fenty Beauty, who is none other than Robyn Rihanna Fenty herself. The line launched a few months ago and is taking off, all the women of color are here for it. While other makeup lines catered to others they forgot about how versatile the power of Melanin is. The Fenty line includes about forty shades, since its launch Fenty had made over $72 million just back in September, and all of the deep colors have been selling so fast they literally have no shelf time. Fenty beauty was created for every woman, for all shades, personalities, and races.

It is sold in Sephora in addition to its own Fenty website. I am very proud of a woman to give us all a fair chance at looking our best selves (for those who wear makeup), not that you have to wear makeup to be beautiful but for those of us that do we enjoy a great shade of foundation. Makeup is art to us it lets us make our self in another light we get to be whatever and enjoy that look, it’s another form of expressing yourself.

Now enough about the Fenty line, we as women should also be aware that even with makeup you still need to properly care for your skin in order for you to have that healthy glow. When wearing makeup, you cannot, I repeat cannot sleep in your makeup this is what leads to clogged pores.

Every woman should always keep some form of makeup wipes by their side at all times this is very important. A woman’s best friend though, should be her moisturizer no I don’t mean lotion or baby oil that is not meant for the face in actuality it clogs the pores as well while also leaving a greasy residue on the skin. When wearing makeup, it’s important that you don’t neglect your skin by keeping it up.

You should always wash your face, cleaning it at least two times a day. What people don’t know is that when you wear makeup regularly it also can clog your pores if not cleaned properly. I feel that all women should have a facial scrubber brush, I use this tool on my skin twice a day to clean it. A good cleanser is clean and clear by Neutrogena, they have a wide range of cleansers and they aren’t too harsh on the skin as some skin care products are like Noxzema which is harsh on the skin if used too frequently.

You can achieve face goals with a natural face and flow, the key is to drink plenty of water and eat foods of nutritional value, your body and skin will treat you exactly how you treat it. Also, my last great tip is using a homemade sugar scrub, I began experimenting and do this myself at least twice a week, with a mixture of sugar, eggs, and a shot of apple cider vinegar to make a paste and I apply to my face and body massaging it in a circular motion then rinse afterwards. I found that this made my skin softer as well as gave it a natural glow, to my ladies out there whether you choose to wear foundation today or let your melanin pop in whatever you do, be great !

Staff Writer; Myra Moore

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