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We Must Stick Together.

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( “I told him I was sorry for his loss and that this did not have to happen,” Harteau said. These are the empty words from the police chief in the “alleged” wrongful death of Justine Damond. Sistas in the year of 2017 we must stick together. Black women, as a whole must, come together and stay together. Among women, we are all we have! Other women can’t seem to care about us, nor the deaths of our children.

What happens to our lives while in the custody of the system is important; there are laws that are supposed to govern such. Our lives are just as important as a white woman. For the life of me I just don’t understand how a black woman’s wrongful death is swept under the rug, but the white woman death is fully investigated and proper procedure takes place. Why isn’t the value of our life important enough in a place we grew up in to receive equal justice for US? We know the answer, but it is painful.

I greatly want to know why Justine Damond death is being treated as if the police killed her in cold blood when she put his life in immediate danger by walking up to his police unit while he was on duty. This lady could have been armed or carried something to harm him. On the other hand no one was charged in the wrongful death of Sandra Bland. Her family was paid out in a “wrongful death” which the coroners ruled as a “suicide” how ironic! Makes is only fair that the lack of humanity by which we are treated with is angering.

Justice did not prevail at all… again. EQUALITY, RIGHT? We know everything Sandra Bland did wrong. She was an activist for her community. She spoke up and out for her black people. Sandra Bland had a voice. As long as there was breath in her body Sandra Bland had a voice. We are ONE, and we must own that statement!

We know everything Justine Damond did right. It all balls down to the obvious. Justine Damond is a praised Australian. In America though it didn’t matter that she was Australian it mattered that her skin color was white, and she was allegedly killed by a black male officer. The officer already had two faults against him. He is black and he is a man. White America didn’t see him as a man at all, they saw black. Sistas we too are caught in a system that just doesn’t work in favor for us. The system is designed to place us in a state of enslavement…the 13th Amendment warned us.

The one thing that frightens white people in White America is an educated, strong, ambitious black person. We are the children of our ancestors they can’t just lynch us to silence us or beat us to stay quiet. As they fought…so will we. They love us as money making objects of entertainment. They even praise us on courts and fields, but when we stand up for our rights we become a problem . As long as we are silent we are tolerated. The second we speak up and educate our people exposing what we are up against we too are put to silence through death or jail. A dead black woman will not speak and incarcerated one will not be heard.

Why is the police officer that shot and killed Justine Damond being looked as a criminal and a killer, but the white police were all good people? We know every detail about this black officer from his religion, background… LITERALLY everything. Despite all the good he did for his community, and all the praises he received when he was sworn in as a officer he’s now deemed a murder. ALL OF THE GOOD of this officer when out the window when he killed a white woman. There are several officers that have unjustly killed black people, and they had a history of unbecoming behavior but that didn’t matter. Why is a black life in America under valued? Two lives were taken at the hands of police officers but the treatment is different.

Justine Damond did no wrong where as Sandra Bland was made out to be an angry woman and all she did was inform her people. What did police have to say about Sandra Bland? Will they give the police that killed Justine Damond the same injustice they gave all of the other white officers, or will they crucify him because he is a black policeman on duty doing his job? If we are going to talk about equality it must start somewhere. It should start in the justice system. The question is why am I not considered a human being?

Staff Writer; Sha’Nelle V. Harris

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