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Relationship on the Rocks? Overcoming Common Problems.

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(ThySistas.comLove really does make the world go round, people do crazy things for love, and it’s an emotion unlike anything else. So when you find someone that you love and get into a relationship, it makes sense that you’d want to do everything you can to hold onto it. Every relationship has its ups and downs, twists and turns and bumps in the road, but here are some of the common reasons couples fight and break up.

Want Different Things

It’s not uncommon for two people to be madly in love, but both want very different things. This can be a huge problem to overcome when you want to spend your life with someone, especially if it involves going in completely different directions. It makes sense during the dating stages of a relationship that you should find out their views on things like marriage and children, whether they want to live abroad and other huge deal breakers. If you’re already in the relationship when these problems come to light, is there a way you can compromise? Would one of you be happy giving up what you want for the happiness of the other? If no resolution can be met, it could well be the end of the line for the relationship. The important thing is to communicate effectively with your partner without it turning into an argument, both lay out the things you want and need for the relationship to continue and see what can be done from there.


The thing about addiction is that it doesn’t discriminate. Any gender, social class, ethnicity or anything else makes no difference because as humans we are vulnerable to the effects of certain substances. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, gambling or something else entirely, addiction is always a tricky one to deal with in relationships. Often the addiction is more important than anything else including the person you love, so for partners, it can throw up all kinds of unpleasant feelings. Seek help, there are rehab clinics, doctors, therapists and more that can help you or your partner deal with addiction and put you on the right path for a much happier and healthier future.


One of the main reasons couples argue is because of money. If one partner is a spender and the other is a saver for example it can cause a lot of conflicts. Another issue is running into debt, whether it’s one partner hiding this from the other or you’ve both ended up on the slippery slope together, it can lead to a lot of stress and therefore arguments. Speak to a company like and work on gaining control over your finances again. This can take a lot of pressure off and could help the relationship too.


Finally, trust is a huge one. Maybe there have been some issues in the relationship where the trust has been broken, or perhaps previous relationships have left you or your partner jealous and paranoid. Trust is a tricky one, it can be difficult to get back once it’s been taken away. But if you and your partner speak through things properly and are both committed to making it work then it’s something you can work past. A relationship counselor can be useful if you need the extra guidance.

Staff Writer; Sherry Ross

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