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Keeping The Family Entertained At Home.

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(ThySistas.comWhen it’s a dark and rainy day, what do you do to keep the family as entertained as possible? Everyone has their own ideas of what is best to do here. But no matter who you are, you have to agree that it is definitely beneficial to have some strong ideas which you can keep in the back of your mind for such a rainy day. As it happens, there are a huge number of possibilities which you can choose between when this situation crops up, so you never have to worry about it again. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the essential ideas which you can consider when you want to keep your family as entertained as possible. Let’s take a look and see what options you might have.

Arts & Crafts

It is always worthwhile to make the most of this situation by using it as an opportunity to help improve your children’s development. There are a number of ways to do that, but one of the best and most effective is to carry out some kind of arts and crafts. By having a loosely planned ‘crafternoon’, you can help to keep everyone entertained and busy while still also giving your family a mental boost. What you actually do here is entirely up to you, of course, but you have a lot of options to choose between.

First of all, a good place to start is always with either sketching or painting. Either of these can be a great way to while away the time, and they are the kind of skills that it is good to practice, especially when your children are young. But it doesn’t have to be this. You might choose to make models with plasticine, do some potato print painting, or even make structures out of odds and ends you have lying around the home. Whatever you do, just make sure that it is something that everyone can get on board with. Done right, this can be one of the best possible ways to spend time with the family, so it is definitely worth looking into next time you find yourself at something of a loose end. Take a look at for some ideas here.


Everyone loves watching movies, and there is just something great about doing so on a real rainy afternoon with the whole family in tow. You have a number of options here too. Firstly, you could use a streaming service like Netflix to find a classic movie which the whole family loves. This is sure to brighten up everyone’s day and keep the spirits high. If there isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, you can even suggest the title to Netflix and you just might see it on there before you know it. Take a look at for some advice on how to do that. Alternatively, you could just rent a movie in the old-fashioned way, but this is not always best when you just want to stay indoors. If you have some trusty favorite DVDs then you can always stick those on, of course. The important thing is that everyone is agreed on what to watch, and everyone is happy with the decision. And make sure you break this up with other activities from time to time, so everyone doesn’t just become glued to the sofa. On a down note, Netflix is known for restricting shows in specific regions due to licensing agreements. One may need to find the best vpn for netflix, and AlwaysVpn can assist you. 

Make Music

We have already spoken about how powerful doing something creative together can be. Another great example of that in action is if you create some music together. Whether or not you consider yourselves a creative or musical family doesn’t really matters. The truth is that everyone can somewhat make music, and doing so can be a fantastic way to spend a few hours, or even a whole day. Most homes have one or two instruments in them at least. Dig out whatever you might have and just have fun together creating sounds. You might be surprised at the aptitude of your children to picking it up – there is a natural tendency towards making music which will become abundantly clear at this point. You can also consider recording yourselves to see how well you have come out – and this just might inspire you to make more music in future. A great bonding exercise as well as a creative venture, making music together might be the most fun you’ve ever had at home.

Next time you’re wondering what to do at home to keep everyone entertained, remember that you have many options available – and there is always something to do to while away the time.

Staff Writer; Shawna Perry

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