Monday, May 27, 2024

Let’s Not Play the Villain.

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( Sisters it is a fact that brothers have a hand in the state of our community. We know that some of them need to step up, and be fathers to their children. Yes, we have brothers that need to deal with their internal battles so that they are not taking it out on us in the form of abuse. No woman deserves to be used as a punching bag. It is important for more of our men to play a part in bring the importance of woman’s issues to the forefront. Women are suffering at the hands of abuse, unequal pay, some of our sisters are lost to sex trafficking and the accounts of rape are endless. We need our men to stand with us on these issues, we need to feel protected and valued by the black men of our community. Patriarchy as we know it is a white man’s game and our men should take no parts in the misogyny it causes.

The previous is true, and it is important. With that being addressed sisters it is very important that we don’t play the villain clothed as the victim. We are very aware of the flaws of black men, and can be rather verbal about the areas whereby they need to get it together. However, as they must acknowledge so should we…change begins with self. We must be accountable for our part in the state of this community. Black community is struggling and the fault cannot be laid solely as the feet of black men. If we want healing for our community, and we truly want black me to take their place…we must do the same.

Sisters children are not pawns and they need their fathers. We have mothers that purposely make it difficult for fathers that want to be in the lives of their children. This is just as bad as the dad we call dead beat. If things didn’t work out with the father the child should not have to suffer. The wellbeing of the children should take priority over the disagreements of the parents. Sisters let fathers that want to be there do so. Mother’s Day is around the corner, and men are not going to get on Social Media and dog out moms that do this, nor the mothers that aren’t in their children’s life. The fathers raising kids alone will say nothing come Mother’s Day…too bad we can’t do the same in June. Ladies we can’t expect healing in our community when we perpetuate harmful double standards.

Violence is not an area whereby black men and women need to be playing one up. Sisters we want them to acknowledge our struggle, and we must see black men dying in the street as more than just our sons dying. We need men to see rape in a more broader view than just their daughters…they need to see it’s their women hurting. Just as we see the pain of our sons…we must see the pain of our men and speak to that need. We cannot listen to the white woman feminism that threatens to destroy our families. If our men cannot use us for a punching bag…we cannot use them for a punching bag. No woman deserves to be beaten and abused; but sisters no man deserved this either. There is that double standard again.

We must begin to talk to each other, and encourage one another so that we can begin healing. We are the example for our young girls, and we can’t fail them. Our sons are watching, and must inspire them. It is our demand that black men get themselves together, and we have every right to hold them accountable. However, we must understand the same accountability applies to us as the mothers of the community.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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