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Everything You Need to Know to Maintain Strong and Healthy Bones.

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(ThySistas.comYour skeleton is the frame which quite literally holds your body together and supports you in every single movement. They may be the hardest substance in your body, but they need care and love too. So strong, healthy bones are vital to a good quality of living. Peak bone mass is reached in your late twenties and from that point on you will need to make a conscious effort to maintain their condition and functionality. Here are a few ways that are easy to implement in your daily life.

Healthy Eating

The journey to healthy bones starts with your diet. You should consume plenty of calcium, as it plays a vital role in the process of bone formation. Everyone knows that calcium can be found in dairy substances such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. But not everyone can consume dairy: some may not like it, some might be lactose intolerant, others will object to dairy consumption for moral and ethical reasons. So where else can it be sourced? Broccoli, watercress, edamame, okra, bok choy and green leafy veg such as kale are packed with calcium. If you have a sweet tooth, figs and oranges are also healthy options. You could also consider taking vitamin supplements to reach your recommended daily requirement.

Specialist Care

If you are prone to problems with your bones, make sure that you are covered by Humana Medicare Providers. It is essential that you have regular checkups with an orthopedic specialist to monitor the health of your skeletal structure. Prevention is better than cure, so doctors will be able to recommend necessary treatments, operations or medications to keep pain and skeletal problems at bay. If anything does go wrong, you will also know that you’re in the best hands to get you back in shape and on your feet quickly.

Bask in the Sun

Vitamin D is essential when it comes to your body being able to absorb calcium to develop strong bones. So take a little time to sit out in the sun or take a trip to a sunny vacation location. When your body is exposed to the sun, it will start producing vitamin D of its accord. Remember to use sun protection to protect your skin from UV rays and prevent uncomfortable sunburn. Wear sunglasses and a sunhat to protect your eyes and scalp too. You should aim to be in the sun for five minutes to half an hour, twice a week at least.

Quit Smoking

If you smoke, it’s time for you to kick the habit. Added to the endless list of health problems associated with smoking is low bone mass. This results in a higher probability of fractures and breaks. Weaker bones will also make you uncomfortable when carrying out the most standard of activities. This is entirely avoidable, so consult your local GP about quitting. They will be able to provide you with advice, support, and techniques that greatly increase your chances of success. Your overall health will improve dramatically.

Staff Writer; Isabella Hayes

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