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Natural Hair Care Basics.

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( Many sisters have begun the natural hair journey. The reason for the decision can vary from one woman to the next. However, many sisters find themselves in a fight with their hair. There is a plethora of products to choose from, and there are many “authorities” on how to care for your hair. It can become very confusing, and in the long run frustrating when you find yourself in a situation whereby your hair seems foreign to you. Transitioning to natural hair does require that you get to know your hair all over again. We all have various goals for our hair, but one of the universal goals is healthy hair. Watching YouTube can give you ideas, but it can also complicate the process of getting to know your hair. So many of us are caught up on hair type, but are unaware of the porosity of our hair.

Many of us get a bit anxious then the seasons change because we feel we must embark on a new regimen to accommodate the sun or the cold. Then there is the subject of protective styling that has some of us feeling that if we don’t put our hair away we won’t’ be able to retain length let alone get it to grow. We see styles that we love, and products that seem to work magic for the next woman. The foundation of caring for hair, regardless of the state, is universal. Some of the things we are told regarding natural hair should be considered, but plenty can be thrown out.

Some naturals have been told, I know it sounds crazy, that our hair functions best when its beyond dirty. Let’s be real, some of us naturals are lazy when it comes to dealing with our hair. It can be such a time-consuming ordeal that we recycle the style or repurpose the twist out. Putting our hair on a regimen will help take some of the unwanted work out of the process. Clean scalps assist in hair growth so filthy hair is a no go when we are trying to get to grow. Furthermore, consistency in handling your hair will create manageability which helps one get through wash day a bit quicker. So, to get manageable hair you must tame it.

Moisture is key, and it can be achieved by drinking more water, and using the products that work for you. Products can get very costly, but it doesn’t have to always be the most expensive moisturizing butter or leave-in conditioner to work. Read the back of the labels to make sure it has the amount of oils you may need. When trying new products, you may want to use it a couple of times, unless your hair totally rejects it, to see how your hair adjusts. Switching products too much might leave you confused as to what combinations work for your hair. As for protective styling…it’s a good thing to practice. However, you can grow your hair and wear it out regularly if you choose. It’s important to keep your regimen in order if you choose to wear your hair out regardless of season. Furthermore, protective styling must be done with care, and your hair and scalp does need a break. It’s important to know how to manage your hair when it’s not in a protective style.

Natural hair is a journey, and when attentive to it your hair will tell you what it needs. Be sure to stay hydrated and eat healthy so your hair has a good internal foundation for growth. Don’t go for broke product hoping…find what works for your hair based first on porosity then factor in type. The less you stress the more you can keep your hair. Basic hair care can take you along ways, and it doesn’t have to be a pain.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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