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His Age is Not Always a Deal Breaker.

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( Many of us have an idea of who our perfect man would be. We have preferences regarding every aspect of Mr. Rights existence. However, as we get older many tend to come back to earth regarding our wants…and the needs tend to become the priority. However, it we are not careful we can be so staunch in certain areas that we miss our dream guy altogether. Let’s be honest, for some of us age is a serious issue. I’m not talking about double digit age ranges that are considered unreasonable. Some of us can’t abide more than 3yrs difference.

So if he’s three to six years younger than you he’s a baby, and you are concerned you’ll be called a cougar. Some sistahs won’t budge on this even if he has everything you want, has even achieved more than you on paper, owns his own everything and treats you like a queen. When this is how the cards are stacked, we must reexamine if this age difference is a true deal breaker. Is it okay to complain that one will never find the love of one’s life…then turn down that option because he’s younger than you, and its within that three to six year span.

Sometimes we can be staunch about age because we are not quite comfortable in our own skin. No woman wants to feel old, or like someone’s mother. However, sometimes that’s in our head. Some couples have this age disparity, but you would never know from looking at them nor watching them interact. Life, is what we make it…if you don’t want to feel old then continue to embrace youth. Furthermore, we are what we answer to is what the elders say. So, you don’t have to own the idea of being a cougar. If this man has come into his own he isn’t looking for a mother…he’s looking for his mate and life partner. Some of us have dated older men, and there seems to be no stigmas in that direction, but we wanted them to understand that we were grown women in our own right, and we weren’t looking for daddy. Keep that in mind.

Just because you are older biologically doesn’t make you older in maturity nor accomplishment…it can be but that’s not guaranteed. So many sisters want a man with strong spiritual and moral foundation, ambitions, education, his own place, transportation, a dependable job, handsome, a personality that mixes well with our own, and of course a man that will love and cherish us.

Okay, this is a beautiful list and when you find that…three to six years should not stand in your way. Blowing this man off when he’s into you is not a slap against his maturity it may be one against yours. If he was man enough to pursue what he wants, and he’s taking care of himself…he’s showing a level of grown man that deserves your respect. Remember, this is the same argument some women make when it’s the man saying oh she’s too young.

Age shouldn’t always be a deal breaker. Look at the entire picture, and match it up against what you say you want in life and in a man. Some of us took that leap, and you’d never know we married younger…but we are loved, supported, happy and thriving. Keeping an open mind before slamming a door guarantees you won’t miss Mr. Right.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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