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The Road To Motherhood.

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(ThySistas.comWhen you make the decision to start a family, it can often feel both exciting and scary at the same time. You spend your whole life believing that all you must do to have a family is have sex and bam – baby! Unfortunately, the road to parenthood isn’t so simple for some couples. Fertility is often taken for granted, and when faced with issues relating to conception, it becomes something stressful rather than beautiful.

There are many ways to become a family and science has evolved to the point that we can use medicinal advances to assist with conception if any issues are unveiled. If you want a family of your own, you have to understand that this can take some time. There are so many ways the road to having a child can be scuppered and for some, the issue may be with the mother and for others the fertility issue lies with the father. It can be painful, stressful and upsetting when there are troubles conceiving a biological child. A lot of families may feel like conceiving a child is in God’s hands, but without God, there wouldn’t be doctors to assist! The sad thing about it, is that you won’t know if there are any fertility problems until you try to conceive your child. There are many options out there that you can consider before throwing in the towel, and we’ve listed some here.

Assisted Conception: The natural way to conceive a child may be a little beyond your reach, so having assisted conception such as ICSI, IUI or IVF is an option if you have the funds to cover it. You can read more about ICSI and IUI here, but IVF is a very popular and well-known method of conception for families who struggle. A little extra help is nothing to be ashamed of and contacting your doctor for help is a brave decision to make. Assisted conception can also mean choosing the correct egg or sperm to pair together due to a genetic issue. Finding out your DNA history with an Ancestry DNA test learn more can help you make the decision as to whether or not you go for some specific help from the doctor to avoid any complications that can be fatal. Understanding where your family comes from and any diseases that can be avoided can be a miracle in the making when it comes to assisted conception.

Surrogacy: Not as spoken about in wide circles, but there are surrogates in the world who can carry your child when you are unable to do it yourself. Speaking to a specialist agency like this one about surrogacy and everything involved is the most important thing to do if you consider this route to have a child. Surrogacy is a beautiful thing to be involved in, where you can make a friend for life in the woman who brings your child into your world. It’s not something that is free and there is a lot of medicine involved in the process, but the end result is your beautiful, sweet little baby, and that’s the goal.

Adoption: Some families jump straight to adoption instead of conceiving their own child and this is for a variety of reasons. These can range from wanting to give a home to a child who hasn’t got a family, or a DNA issue in the family line that they do not wish to pass down to their children. Adoption is not a way out of trying to conceive a biological child, as some deem it. It’s a way to give love to a child who is in the care system, who needs a loving family and a loving home to grow up in. Adoption is also not a last resort, or the alternative for couples who cannot conceive. Any healthy couple can opt to adopt and if more people were inclined to give less fortunate children a new home, there would simply be more love in the world.

The road to parenthood can be straightforward, or it can be a very long one with plenty of potholes to fall into. Some parents-to-be can feel a failure for not managing to conceive naturally, but it just so happens that it’s not in your plan. However, you end up making your family happen, you should never be in any doubt that you are choosing your route for the right reasons. You wanted a family because you have love to give, and that doesn’t change no matter the road you take.

Staff Writer; Mary Jones

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