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Marriage: Teamwork is Mandatory.

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( Marriage is a beautiful thing when we are honest, and prepared. Yes, we need to be honest about what we want and need in a spouse. In order to achieve this, we must make it a priority to know ourselves, and what we need. It is very wise to prepare to become a wife. Being a wife is a state of mind…then a state of being. We must be willing to leave our past behind, and embark on a future with another. I say this because as sisters we know how to articulate, colorfully, what brothers need to do better in a marriage.

It is easy for us to remember where we have been, and dig our heels in the sand firmly taking the position: No Man Will Ever Do That TO ME Again! That is understandable, but in our quest to be loved we must give what it is we want to receive. Hypocrisy has no place in a marriage. Granted there are many things some men must overcome based on where they have been in order to be effective husbands. With that being said…the topic on this is us, and embracing something that is mandatory for a marriage to work…Teamwork.

If you know you have a spouse that supports you, is not sexist nor does he use gender roles to subjugate you work with him. If you have someone that puts you above all others, and your needs are more important than his own…work with him. You see it’s not okay to pray mister right comes along then you find him, and now he’s mister not good enough because you have not settled your past. This is very important because if we are not careful we will mistake teamwork for being boxed into gender roles.

When you have a man that cooks, helps with the kids, helps with the upkeep of the house it should be easy to work with him. He will never be perfect, but neither are you. It is important to acknowledge the effort of your spouse, and work with him because he’s not your ex. If he’s working late, and you get him early it should be no problem for you to prepare dinner, or order it. Granted I understand you may be tire, but sister we are all tired. In a marriage there is no I or me…it’s us and we, so we must work together to make the union work.

Yes, men are strong, and many don’t openly show their emotion, but being a partner also means standing by them when you know deep down something has shaken them to their core. Some of us have left our husbands in the hospital alone to deal with their fears, mortality and concerns by themselves. If they do that to us they are the worst human beings walking the face of the earth. Being a part of a team means neither party has to stand alone because we are in this together. Some of us have allowed the hurts of our past to harden our heart, and in some cases make us selfish.

We want to love, and be that supportive wife, but many are afraid. That is understandable, but if he is giving you 100% sister participate in the teamwork. Allow yourself to be loved by a spouse that loves you, and stand with them. It’s one of the best decisions you can make regarding marriage. We all know marriage has its challenges but when a couple works as a team with a oneness that is unique to them the dream works. They experience the bliss and joy that can come from being married to someone that is loyal to them, and the union for life. You deserve this kind of love…and your spouse deserves to receive it.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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