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The Kitchen is the Council Chamber.

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( I must say I absolutely love cooking. The art of it is cool, and knowing others enjoy what you make is great. However, for me, the process of cooking (prep) allows me some time to think over the things that are heavy on my mind in a constructive manner. In the kitchen I tend to work through my issues without the threat of depression or self-loathing. Sisters the respect, and comfort, of this space was not born out of subjugation but of issue resolve. You see, the kitchen is the place where some of the soundest council takes place. We weren’t always cooking in there because we were not old enough. There was a time whereby you hung around the kitchen to find out the latest news on what was going on in the church, family, community and to get wisdom about life and living.

Today life moves at 100 miles per hour. Many of us work crazy schedules and take out is deemed more the norm. Cooking, by several women, is deemed as subjugating too domestic and in some spaces archaic. We don’t always value knowing what went into that meal hence what is going into our family, and many of us are simply too tired. There is so much going on all the time that cooking is now seen as a burden, or necessary evil.

We walk into the kitchen with tunnel vision and our children, regardless of age, are not welcomed as we are trying to crank this meal our as quickly as possible. This pace of life does not necessary give way to us knowing our children, nor better understanding our spouse. The kitchen doesn’t have to be a hated place; it can be a space whereby we can learn, teach and impart wisdom to our kids in a relaxed space.

Some of us had the benefit to sit in a kitchen and learn from our elders; sometimes we felt comfortable enough to chat about what was on our mind with them while they were cutting up seasoning. At the same time there are times it wasn’t the questions we needed to ask, but the paying attention to the conversations that are had in the kitchen. While cooking we learned about shared testimonies, and how much we have in common. Sometimes it’s the only time during the crazy week that we might really had to hear what is going on in the life of those we love.

The kitchen in a sense didn’t just bring us together, but it was a true council chamber. Because of the nature of cooking life tends to slow down a bit in that space. In the slowed down space not only do our kids learn a valuable life skill, but it allows you give your kids a space whereby they can learn from you and the others in that kitchen. We should consider finding a time whereby we can bring ourselves, and this generation, back into the council chamber that was once the kitchen. It may be just what we need to slow down life enough to give those we love what they need to grow.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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