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Retail Operations Can Use Video Analytics For Increased Business Security.

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( Many retail outlets nowadays started using video analytics software, which is basically intelligent software that brings in great solutions for various possible retail operations. This does include increased safety, reduced shrinkage, proper compliance guarantee when referring to employee procedures, an improvement of customer service and much more.

Video Analytics Advantages

We can highlight that real time video analytics has been around for years and is highly effective in analyzing pixels in video feeds. All is done in a real time environment so objects can easily be identified. Systems can even identify people. We even have access to powerful title loans in Tampa that are capable of performing full facial recognition. Computers can basically perform video analysis blackcouplecarautomatically, without having to resort to human monitoring.

Software will identify facts that are suspicious or unusual. Then, a notification is sent to the suitable personnel or alarms are set off. Obviously, the entire surveillance system will become more effective, allowing a huge saving of money, energy and time.

To make matters even more interesting, the software used is intelligent and offers. Video analytics systems will normally be browser based so it does not matter where you are as you can access feeds. High power encryption is included and password systems are advanced so just the authorized personnel would have access.

Examples Of Real World Applications

Retail operations can so easily use the systems in order to. For instance, we can talk about convenience stores as they have been using video cameras for years now. Because of high traffic volume and easy access for people, a convenience store is normally a target for the petty criminal. Using real time video analytics software will increase effectiveness for new or existing surveillance systems.

Gas stations can also gain a lot from the use of such software. They can take a real time high quality image of the license plates of all the cars that buy gas. That offers protection as the software would capture images that would be used as photographic evidence.

Let’s also think about the regular grocery store, which is another retail operator that would benefit from using the software. We are faced with constant loss of goods in such stores so the technology can help identify spoilage and theft. The real time analytics software would be able to help in various situations, ranging from identifying suspicious people to identifying items that are out of place.

We can also look at the common fast food restaurant. Video analytics helps prevent fraud in all the fast food and quick service establishments by performing various actions like cross referencing video with transactions, highlighting the person that was responsible.


We can say that the use of such a system is definitely something that can be considered whenever there is a need to optimize the security in a location with security cameras. The advantages mentioned above are great for all retail operations but there are many other real life applications where we can see these benefits and others.

Staff Writer; Latasha Williams

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