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Respect Your Time.

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(ThySistas.com) In many cases people take their que on how to treat us from the manner in which we treat ourselves. Sistahs time is precious; unlike money we can never get it back once it’s gone. Many of us want others to respect our time, and truth be told we have no handle on time. So much goes undone or is stressfully accomplished because planning out the time, and executing that plan, is nonexistent or taken for granted. With demanding careers, school, significant others, family and children things can get out of order very quickly. Once the people in your life realize you don’t value your time…they will make their agenda your priority.

At the end of the day you will find yourself stressed out, disgusted and with a list of things that have went undone. Taking control of your time, and respecting it, will alleviate a lot of tension. You will find yourself setting and completing goals. Below are a few tips to help you maximize your time.blackwomanfam

  1. Weekly Planning is Essential.

Its ok to plan the month, but it is important to map out your week on a weekly basis. When necessary changes occur reflect it on the calendar. Trying to hold everything in your head is stressful, and it guarantees you will miss something hence altering the rest of your schedule.

  1. Do things at the scheduled time.

Yes, I know sometimes the timing on an item has to change. However, make that the exception. If you do your hair on Thursday at 8p do everything you can to do your hair at the time you set aside to do such. If your family time is from 6p-8p them family time is what’s going on at that time. Compartmentalizing your time will help you see the day’s goals being achieved. Furthermore, you will be able to better account for your time.

  1. Sometimes let the call go to Voicemail.

It is hard to get everything done in your day while being strapped to the phone. Some of us have family and friends that call all throughout the day to check on us…or bring us their problems. When you are taking care of your needs, work and that of your family…make those things the priority. Others in your life will quickly learn that when you are working…you are working. This will teach others to respect your time as they can no longer expect to call anytime and get you.

  1. Remember to incorporate space to meditate/pray/have quiet time.

Whether you do this in the morning, or in the evening, having a set aside time to replenish your mind and spirit is important to your ability to function. When we are planning this time is often left off the schedule when it is vital to you being able to meet your daily goes at a high functioning pace.

  1. Learn to say NO.

Too many of us are concerned with how we will be perceived if we can’t run to the aid of everyone. Sistahs another person’s (regardless of who) inability to plan does not constitute your emergency. If grown-ups are constantly using you they will never learn how to stand for themselves, and you will constantly find yourself looking for time. There is a time to be help, and a time to help yourself. This is very important to your ability to execute a schedule. You won’t be able to answer every call, listen to every whoa, or remedy every problem. Your schedule, which includes your household, must become your first priority.

The above mentioned may seem very harsh, but in reality it’s not. So many of us are used to bending to the point that we barely meet our needs. Some of our own households are out of order because we don’t see where we have the time to keep them balanced. Yet, we help many others keep their balance. When you put a system in place that works for your life, and execute that system, you are respecting your time. That will help others respect your time, and allow you to live day to day with less stress.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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