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A Journal May Be a Wife’s Friend.

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( Marriage is a beautiful thing. When both parties are on the same page there is a love, peace and a support system that rivals all others. With that being said no marriage is perfect…every couple has to face challenges. The challenges we face strengthen us…or destroy us. As women we must find different ways to channel our emotions within our marriage. Sometimes it is difficult to reconcile who we are individually to who we are as a wife. That might sound strange, but we evolve into wives more every day in our marriage.

None of us come to the table perfected as a wife because love, time and those uncomfortable challenges mold us. Wives learn early on that venting the depths of our feelings to the public or even to close family can be dangerous to us in the long run. Some of us are raisedblack-woman-journal being told we must be an unbreakable picture of grace, dignity and class. Wife…she’s a queen regardless of the stability of her realm.

There is a level of decorum we, as wives, look to maintain. This isn’t just for the name of our husband…but for our own dignity. A journal can prove to be your best friend. Writing is often therapeutic, and reflective. Keeping a journal can help you work through emotions by giving you the opportunity to vent your deepest feelings while allowing you the privacy to reflect on the situations you find yourself facing. Sometimes when journaling we will find there are adjustments we need to make. Sometimes we will look at our own words, and they will tell us we are not as right as we perceived. Journaling gives us a point of reference for our growth. It’s very easy as a wife, and mother, to begin to feel you are stagnant in your growth.

There are days we feel ugly, unfit and alienated…especially when we are some distance away from our family and surrounded by that of our husband. Keeping a journal will give a reference point of better days by which to draw strength. It also reminds us of ways we have picked ourselves up, or resolved conflict, that have been successful. We are reminded through our words that we are not as downtrodden as we may feel in any particular moment. This is a great way to help us restore balance to our own life.

Lastly, as a wife, it can be difficult at times to keep a grasp on our identity in the mist of being a spouse, and parent. The journal is a great way to remember who we are. With that in mind it is also the chronicling of beautiful moments in the marriage. When those turbulent times arise as we vent to the journal it is also a reminder of brighter days. It brings to our remembrance what we love and cherish out our spouse. This may be the positive energy needed to continue to move forward. Writing in a journal just for you is a way to reconstruct and build up self while maintaining your privacy and dignity.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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