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Self-Image Concerns That Can Turn into Substance Abuse for Women.

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( Being a woman in today’s society can be demanding. The challenges of raising a family, making a living and keeping things going in a positive direction are numerous. On the other hand, if you’re a single female, you may have just as many struggles, as well. It’s a fact, when you deal with additional emotional issues, this can be an especially trying stage of life. Because of these challenges, many women suffer from self-image problems and often turn to get solace from other sources.

Feeling unattractive

Many advertisements are full of super slim ladies. This may send the message to some women the need to be excessively skinny. Society often touts the outer appearance as being is what is the most attractive, even though this is simply not the case.

When women begin to compare weight and body size to supermodels, it can lead to body image issues and reckless behavior. From eating disorders to diet pills, women with these issues try just about anything to feel better. These behaviors, in turn, could lead to addiction. 2016blackwomandepressed

Heroin, cocaine, and many other illegal drugs can boost energy levels and initially contribute to significant weight loss. However, the results of engaging in this abusive behavior are always negative. If you, or someone you love, has a problem, be sure to research programs and treatment centers that specialize in rehab for women to learn how to begin working towards recovery.

Being depressed

Women may be more prone to living with depression than men because of differing hormones. This combined with trying to please every individual in life may be more than most women can handle with ease.

Thoughts of hopelessness or feeling inadequate in today’s society can lead to substance abuse. Many women think that drugs can offer some type of comfort and solace. Initially, this may be the case, but in the long term turning to drugs is the wrong answer.

Studies show that 14.8 million adults in the United States suffer from major depression.This fact alone shows that many people are experiencing mental problems and this could impact the desire to turn to some sort of drugs for relief.

Eating disorders

Many females may associate emotional discomfort with food. Being able to ease the stress of life and the difficulties a day may bring can lead to dealing with an eating disorder.

Some of these include either binge eating or not eating enough food which may result in becoming anorexic. However, both can create health problems that can make life ever tougher to handle.

Eating too much food can wreak havoc on your digestive system and lead to weight gain. Being overweight can cost a whole host of other issues that you’ll have to live with daily.

On the other hand, starving your body can cause your organs to begin to deteriorate, and this can be fatal over time. It’s important to get the right number of nutrients in your body on a daily basis.

It’s much better for any woman to face any issues head on and not to turn to food. It’s important for women to realize that there is simply no perfect body size for any woman and that each female is entirely unique.

It’s important for all women to work to avoid any type of destructive behavior that may be a result of not feeling good enough.This can be a real struggle to do, but engaging in addictive behavior and turning to substance abuse will magnify any condition. Take time to get in touch with your inner feelings and work to become more comfortable with yourself to lead the healthiest life possible.

Staff Writer; Nikki Scott

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