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Age Doesn’t Disqualify You.

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( When we are young teachers tell us the sky is the limit in regard to what we can achieve. Then as we get older the focus is placed on marriage, and children. Family is a beautiful component to life, but we don’t have to give up our dreams. It’s very possible to have a balance in our life. With that being said life is not cookie cutter. Some of us reach our destination, or begin it, later in life. Looking at our age as the benchmark of achievement applies anxiety and stress.

A woman learns her strengths, weaknesses and how to balance them as she experiences life. This allows her to come into a strong knowledge of self. Every woman reaches that state whereby she is comfortable with herself at different ages. We live in a society whereby being a woman has challenges. Women that are older, in some fields, face discrimination regardless of qualification. This can be discouraging, but as black women many of us have faced challenges through the journey that is our life. Age should not be a contributing factor as to whether or not we will fight for our dreams2016black-woman-classroom.

The truth is as long as we have our health we can reach any goal. It won’t happen overnight, but with diligence and discipline we can re-invent ourselves as many times as we would like. It is important to have people around you that encourage you to listen to your heart, not your biological clock. Excuses meet us as the decision crossroad of any new path. Age, life mistakes, where we come from, having a family, lack of funds on hand at the present, self-pity, divorce, the past…these are all excuses that flood our mind as to why we can’t be that engineer, lawyer, doctor, educator or musician. There are so many opportunities for women of various ages, however we must believe in our dreams and heart.

Life has a way of dealing with each of us. Time is a valuable resource, but if not careful we will put more emphasis on how much of it we have lost verses what’s ahead of us. So many women have suffered setbacks that were not of their own doing, yet the dreams they have still burn deeply within. Life has no meaning if we don’t love well, and strive to achieve the dreams in our heart. Age doesn’t have to be a goal killer. Ok so you are 35 with children and a college degree you haven’t completed…it can still be done.

We see examples all the time of women that began their journey past 35, and some of them are sitting in classrooms with us driven with a wealth of wisdom. There are sisters that are grandmothers that woke up one morning and decided they wanted to enter a new field, and they are moving in that direction. Yes, there are some men, NOT ALL, that will look at our age and judge us as just fit to hold a family together. However, that perspective is not what matters…the question is what do you believe you have the drive to achieve. Sistahs, don’t allow your age to determine what you can achieve or when you can achieve. As long as you are determined age does not disqualify you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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