Sunday, October 1, 2023

Toxic Relationships.

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( A toxic relationship is typically a unhealthy relationship between two or more individuals. A toxic relationship is relationship that mutated into something that has the potential if not corrected to be extremely harmful. Toxic relationships are very straining and can potentially ruin relationships whether its with family or a significant other. Toxic relationships begin with having a bad relationship with family members. From personal experience I can say that failed relationships with my parents led to me having a toxic relationship with someone that I considered my significant other. A issue that led to me having toxic relationships with guys is partially due to my failed relationship with my father.

What people do not understand is that the relationships thatBlackCouple-MAD-2016 you develop when you are growing up portrays future relationships. I dealt with abandonment issues when my parents separated my mother had full custody of me and I did not see my father for years and we barely communicated. Not having a strong relationship with my father was very hard for me because, I felt as if things not working with them was my fault.

The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is very accurate. It takes more than one person to raise a child, no one can do it on their own. Lots of individuals say that you do not need both parents, though I somewhat agree I also have to disagree at the same time. You need your parents in your life to act as a guide on what a family should look like. Being a single mother is a trend now, and that is why majority of society are living in toxic relationships. In order to have a healthy relationship you must have a mutual bond, respect, trust, and also compassion for one another.

If you can not respect each other’s values and decisions as a person in the relationship it will not work out. Do you feel that toxic relationships can be saved? Take a married couple who have been married for 8 years and in an abusive relationship, is there any way to revive the relationship? I feel as if we as people respect everyone and treat them the way that we wish to be treated our relationships will be a lot more meaningful and healthy.

The key to a healthy relationship is also forgiveness we are all human and are bound to make a mistake at some point. We should always respect each and every relationship that we have with family or the people that we date. Everything is a lesson learned and we all learn by trial and error. No matter how toxic a relationship if it holds value to you then there is always a possibility and a chance that you can work on the relationship but all individuals must put forth effort or it is like fighting a brick wall. Do you think that toxic family relationships ruin the chance of being in a healthy relationship with a significant other?

Staff Writer; Myra Moore

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