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Tips And Tricks For Dealing With Hell Week.

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(ThySistas.com) Well before we get into how to deal with Hell Week, it’s important that you understand exactly what hell week is. Hell week is essentially a culmination of all the challenges that you’re going to face at university or college. It’s usually one or two weeks filled with exams, deadlines and anything else professors can throw at you. Depending on who you ask, you might hear that hell week is a random occurrence. It’s something that happens naturally. All the deadlines build and accumulate to breaking point. Others will tell you that the schedule is designed like that to test student’s fortitude. But no matter what you believe, Hell Week appears in almost every course for every university student. There’s no escape and students have been known to just break down and cry under the pressure.

Particularly, those who are taking higher courses such as medicine and law. Hell week on these courses is just a tad more challenging. That’s why you need to know how to deal with this special time in higher education. You need to know the tips and tricks that allow students to survive. That’s exactly what we’re going to offer.

Design A Schedule

This is a skill that you should have picked up in school when you were studying. If you want to stay on top of your deadlines, you need to know when they are coming and use planning to meet them. It’s trickier during hell week because you have so many. But it’123-blackwomanwritings not impossible. Look at this way, while hell week is undoubtedly terrifying it’s nothing compared to the pressure you’ll face in working life. If you fail a paper during hell week, then you will get a lower grade. If you fail a deadline in the real world, you could lose your job. It’s this type of challenge that could prepare you for the issues that could even help you setup your own business.

You need to plan a schedule around your lecturers and your social time. Separate your spare time into blocks of when you’ll study and when you’ll work on assignments. Make sure that you are completing assignments in the order of when they are due. An extra tip is not to spend hours on end drawing your schedule and making it look pretty. It just needs to be clear and easy to understand. It doesn’t need to be a work of art. Copy your schedule a few times so that you have one on your wall and one with you at all times. That way, you can make sure that you do stick to it. You can build a study planner on https://getrevising.co.uk/planner. This will save you a lot of time.

Passive Learning

Do you have the type of mind that allows passive learning. Passive learning is a great time saver, but only if you can do it. Some people can simply read a textbook and they’ll absorb the information displayed. They don’t have to take notes or even complete challenges to understand the info. That’s an example of passive learning and you can see how it could make things easier. Another possibility, is to listen to information as you are falling asleep. Or, even if you are already asleep. Some people will absorb information even during this loose state of consciousness. To find out if you’re a passive learner, write down some information on a card. Read it five times, then cover the card. See how much information you have recalled accurately. Anything more than seventy-five percent accuracy shows you can passive learn.

Cutting Corners

There are a few ways to cut corners in hell week and this time we’re talking about deadlines. It’s possible theoretically to complete hell week without any help. However, that’s under the assumption you have a free schedule. What if there is a personal emergency or a problem you need to deal with? It might not be enough to get you a resubmission or even an extension. But it’s thrown you enough to stop you from passing the assignment. Well, here are your options. You can copy without plagiarizing. Copying work without plagiarizing is simple if you know how, and potentially dangerous if you don’t.

The simplest way to do it is like this. If you have a two thousand, five hundred word essay, write a basic outline. This will probably be no more than five hundred words and will take less than half an hour. Fill in the basic structure. Once you’ve got that you’ll see you have no real factual information. You’ve just got the fluff that goes around this. To get that info, copy it from different sources. If you have to provide source info, make sure you note this down. Now you’ll have a full essay, but there’s a problem. A huge section of it is plagiarized. As you’re putting it in make sure you highlight everything that isn’t your own work. You can then work to change the wording while keeping the actual point. Switch around points so that it isn’t directly copied and don’t take too much from one source. You can then run it through a plagiarism checker online. Anything under five percent is typically acceptable.

Alternatively, you might just want to get someone else to do the work for you. You can get plagiarism free work from a site like http://i-termpaper.com/buy-term-paper. It’s perfect if you find yourself facing a tight deadline you know you’re not going to make.

Take A Breath

Our final piece of advice is to make sure that the stress of hell week isn’t building on top of you. It’s easy to think that during hell week and the time leading up to it, you should lock the door of your room and only come out for food. That’s not the best way to handle this. Instead, you need to be taking regular breaks. If you don’t do this, making the deadline isn’t going to matter. You’re still going to fail because you won’t have completed the work to a high enough level.

At least once every week at university, you should go out and have a good time with your friends. Remember, going to university isn’t just about securing your future. It’s about making relationships that will last your whole life.

Staff Writer; Latasha Moore

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