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Are We Sexually Empowered or Sexually Misguided?

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( I was on social media on Sunday, April 3rd when I ran across a post shared by a friend from Kardi G @ KiaSpeaks on Twitter which stated “Teaching women that their virginity is their most prized possession doesn’t empower women. It reduces them to their vagina“.

Initially I wanted to agree with her Kardi G’s statement and possibly like my friends post in which it was shared but something in my spirit wouldn’t allow me too. You see, I’ve never been taught that my virginity was my most prized possession nor was I taught that sex was “wrong” or something I should avoid. I was blessed to be raised knowing that my vagina, which I will refer to as my ‘yoni’ from this point, was my most prized possession because my yoni leads to the greatest depths of me.

As I grew and experienced life through my own process, I came into the awareness that entrance into my yoni is the gateway to my greatest inner mysteries… my truths, my dreams, my fears, my magick, my powers, my blessings, my healing, my consciousness, my soul mission, my purpose and my life experiences. I am NOT my yoni! Although my yoni is the innermost sacred aspect of me.

I couldn’t bring myself to agree with Kardi G. because empowerment isn’t limited to our sexuality although it’s often reduced as such when women are involved. When society speaks on women two words are tossed around: empowerment and liberation. Liberation means to set someone free from oppression or limited thoughts and behaviors. Empowerment means to give authority or power. I’m amazed that in 2016, we as women, are only willing to be liberated sexually and seek empowerment only when it comes to sexual expression and behavior.

I believe this frame of thinking limits women to their “vagina” because they have limited knowledge and wisdom on what our yoni is capable of. Our yoni houses the sacral chakra which is our empowerment center. Our sacral chakra is composed of our relationships, sexuality, empathy, pleasure, well-being and ability to connect to others. When the sacral chakra is out of balance we become manipulative, lustful, addictive, co-dependent, submissive and emotionally numb to feeling. It is from our yoni, our sacral chakra, that we are able to create, heal and discover ourselves on multiple levels whether we are engage in sexual activity or not.

In the past I have had a respect for feminism however I’m seeing a shift to whore’ism as women rush in to teach young girls and women that open sexuality is liberating and empowering when it actually depletes them of their personal powers. Each person we allow into the depths of our womb leaves an imprint containing their thoughts, beliefs, experiences, etc. hence why so many women are moving about life in a depressive manic state of being.

Open sexuality in this society is merely having sex with whomever you’ve been programmed to desire. The guilt and shame around sex is often rooted in molestation and sexual trauma. Outside of spirituality, sex is rarely seen or used as a method of healing but rather a tool to attract more sexual trauma into our lives. Self-worth and self-understanding must come before the teaching of sexual healing if it is truly liberation and empowerment we seek.

Most women are unable to begin the process of healing their own wombs and that which comes from them, is that liberation or empowerment?

Most women complain that they do not experience an orgasm during sex which reduces the entire sexual experience to their pleasure of their mate, is that liberation or empowerment?

Most women hate their monthly menstrual cycle and all that comes with it, is that liberation or empowerment?

Open sexuality, empowerment and liberation are defined using the same patriarchal standards that have reduced women to the property of and pleasure of men. Medical professionals can give the statistics on sexually transmitted diseases, but whose giving the stats on spiritually transmitted diseases and traumas we’re spreading energetically?

Before we rush out to tell young girls and women alike that they are free to have sexual relationships with whomever they choose as thought it is a badge of honor, lets also educate them on yoni health and healing, sexual transmutation and assist in healing their past sexual traumas that cause the feelings of guilt and shame. Too many of us are waking up after making these “empowering” choices to bed whomever feeling even more worthless, depleted, ashamed, toxic and confused than we did prior to laying down.

How dare we talk sexual empowerment without discussing the healing powers and abilities of our yoni!

Blessed Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff
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