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Spiritual Baths for Relaxation, Healing & Releasing.

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( Water is healing and cleansing on numerous levels. The earth is primarily made up of water as is our body. Anyone who has spent time at the ocean knows the water helps to lift your mood and shift your attitude. Water purifies the body within as well pushing toxins out of the body and flushing the kidneys and on the outside, water removes dirt and debris from the body.

We bathe on a daily basis but did you know, bath time can be healing time? The bathroom is my temple, that’s where I do majority of my spiritual work and I learned very young, well before the agAfrican American woman relaxing in bubble bathe of 15, that the bathroom is one of the few places where you will not be bothered. It’s a very peaceful experience after a long day to sit back, reflect on the day, visualize tomorrow and set intentions prior to retiring to bed for the night. That’s definitely something to sleep on and you wake up clear as well as prepared for the day at hand.

We often like to make things difficult so today we’re focusing on creating spiritual baths that are quick and easy to make. While I love to keep my cabinets stocked full of different essential oils, salts and herbs, I strongly recommend choosing what resonates with you now and adding to your spiritual toolkit overtime.

Prior to doing a spiritual bath it is best to take a quick shower to cleanse the skin. Fill the tub with warm water, as warm as you can take and add ingredients once you find the perfect temperatre for you. I suggest having water in the bathroom with you. Be sure to avoid caffiene, alcohol, prescription medicatons and recreational drugs before your bath as many of the bath ingredients pulls toxins from the body and depending upon the level of toxins within your body may cause slight dizziness. Sit in the bath at least 20 minutes and if possible, allow yourself to air dry after the bath. Be sure to clean the tub really good so you don’t pick up the toxic residue you have removed from your body during your next bath.

Preparing the Bath

  • 1 cup of Epsom Salt
  • 1/2 cup of Baking Soda
  • 1/2 cup of Sea Salt
  • 10 drops of essential oil (opt)
Lavendar Oil – Promotes relaxation and sleep
Eucalyptus Oil – Clarity, clears nasal passages and lungs and prevents colds
Grapefruit Oil – Helps with fatigue
Staff Writer; Dina Tuff
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