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5 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Current Position (And Pursue Your Dream Job).

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( Ladies let’s face it, as life’s proverbial clock ticks on, we’re not getting any younger. If you are in your twenties, dreading your thirties or well into your forties, the truth is your time on this earth is too short to hate getting up every morning to go to a job that has no future. So why not make that leap and go- get the job you really want?

Now trust me, I know it’s easier said than done, but so it having a baby and women do it every day. So, if you are not sure about quitting your job to pursue your dream (whatever that may be), here are fives signs that it’s time to make one of the most important decisions of your life.

You No Longer Fear Making Mistakes

Yea, so maybe you are not always on your game at work, who is?Businesswoman walking down office corridor But if you continually make mistakes and disregard them as “not a big deal” you need to find a job that you care enough about not to make light of ordering food on the wrong day or booking a flight for your boss to the wrong city.

You Call in Sick When You Are Not Sick Way too Often

Everyone has used a sick day for something other than sickness. But if you find yourself making that phone call or sending that email telling your boss you’ve been up all night running to the bathroom, several times a month, it’s time to move on. Update your resume and send it out to potential employers or start your own business.

You Don’t Care if You Get Fired

Most people will bend over backwards to make sure they keep their job, but if you “Kanye shrug” to the thought of receiving a pink slip, do yourself and your future job search a favor-quit. Or at least keep it together long enough to transition into a new position some place else.

You Cringe At the Thought of Going Work

We have good days and bad days at work, but if you hesitate or feel nauseous at the thought of clocking in, you will probably be happier some place else. Your health and sanity are more important than getting a paycheck. That is unless you don’t have the resources to afford a potential break in employment. If that is the case, then you should definitely have a detailed plan before you make any sudden moves.

You Arrive Late and Leave Early

There is probably no greater sign that you are over your job than doing your best to spend the least amount of time possible at work. I get it, your job sucks, and you hate spending your precious moments pretending to be busy doing work for which you could not care less. So, don’t. Make the life you want.

There is never an ideal time to pull the plug on a job that leaves you unhappy, but weigh your options, plan it out and when push comes to shove, go for it.

Staff Writer; Rasheda Abdullah

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