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Zane’s Addicted..Why Black Women are “Addicted” to Immorality.

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( On Friday, I went to see “Addicted” so I could write my movie review. I read the book several years ago when it first came out, and Zane became a very popular author among Black Women, so I knew we would be seeing this movie in droves. Before the movie premiered I would see countless posts about it in my facebook feed, and on other sites about how  Black Women were so excited to see this movie.

With “Scandal”, “Being Mary Jane” and now “How To Get Away With Murder” and “Addicted”, it seems that as Black Women, we can’t wait to see movies or shows where adultery is showcased and the Black Woman is either the mistress or she is guilty of adultery.  That says a lot about us as  Black Women that we are so eager to see us play the role of a whore or one that is unfaithful.   

During the movie(and the theater was packed, even for a matinee)the women were very talkative throughout the movie, especially the sex scenes, a lot of vulgar comments were made, and throughout the commentary, I didn’t hear one Black Woman say how wrong the character was for cheating on her husband.  Instead the comments were focused on the “sexy men” she was sleeping with.
The main character seemingly had it all, a loving husband, children, her own business (basically everything we SAY we want), yet there was a void,ZaneAddicted that caused her to seek sexual relationships outside of her marriage, though it wasn’t brought to light until later in the movie that she was a sex addict. The way sexual addiction was mentioned in the movie, made it seem like the character needed “something” to blame her behavior on. There was no real focus on the cause of the addiction or what triggered it, it just showed her having a lot of sex.
One of the aspects of the book that I did appreciate, was that there was an intense investigation into the past of the main character, Zoe and her husband, Jason. It was revealed that both suffered from some type of sexual trauma, whether it was a direct violation or if it was a sexual encounter that they were forced to witness.
I think that it would have been more beneficial if that was shown in the movie. In our community, most of us have suffered from some type of sexual violation that has resulted in trauma, that causes unhealthy behavior. We keep these memories suppressed, but they continue to play out in our psyche. The focus of the book was dealing with  an addiction to sex, which is a very real addiction and a struggle for many, and  in the book we were able to see her tackle her addiction in a more in depth fashion, than what was shown in the movie.
For Black Men, there aren’t a lot of outlets that allow men to talk about their pain as it relates to sexual  violation, whether it’s rape or molestation, so I think addressing the fact that Black Men aren’t exempt from sexual predators would  have been pivotal for the men of our community.
Leaving out the recovery process in the movie, sent a distorted message to women. We didn’t get to see the character put in any WORK as it relates to her reformation and truly accepting accountability for her actions. I understand that Zane is an  author that specializes in writing erotic stories, but that does not absolve her of responsibility as it relates to subject matter SHE decided to shed light on.   When she brought sex addiction to the forefront on the big screen, she should have also focused on the rehabilitation process, otherwise this movie is filled with salacious sex scenes, that make it seemed justified for the main character to cheat, and receives her husband’s forgiveness.
When we get into the false thinking that movies like these are harmless, and we read too much into them, it showcases a gross misunderstanding of propaganda. Nothing is done by mishap, ESPECIALLY in the media, there is ALWAYS an agenda.
Instead of seeing how detrimental, disrespectful and damaging these images and messages are, we feel like we are accomplishing something. We cheer on Shonda Rhimes, for having “Hollywood on lock” and having shows on a major network with two Black Actresses as the main focus. But what’s the REAL focus? In “Scandal’, Kerry Washington’s character  gets passed around between two white men. “In How To Get Away With Murder”,  Viola Davis’s character is married to a white man, but she is guilty of infidelity as well. We think that these shows defy the Jezebel image under the guise of being successful  Black Women, but actually they give life to the Jezebel stereotype.
Another commonality among “Scandal”, “How To Get Away With Murder” and ‘Addicted” is the mistreatment of good Black Men. On “Scandal” Kerry Washington’s character had a successful Black Man that wanted to marry her, but she preferred to be the White Man’s whore. On “How to Get Away With Murder”, Viola Davis’s character had an affair with a Black Man, which makes it seem like Black Men are good enough to cheat with, but not good enough to marry, since she is married to a white man, though I believe the character she had an affair with is involved in another relationship. In “Addicted” Sharon Leal’s character had the “ideal Black Man” but cheats on him with a Latino Man. These shows and movies leave the impression that Black Men aren’t adequate for us, and even when they are, we still aren’t satisfied.
Platforms like these  places Black Female promiscuity, lack of control, immorality, infidelity, the continued destruction of Black Marriages, “white is better”, and  the “Miss Independent Mentality” in the limelight and we applaud it all.
When it comes to Addicted, without showing how the main character had to take the vital  journey to delve deep into her past and  the necessary steps  towards her recovery, (which includes taking full ownership of her actions), it comes off as just another promiscuous Black  Woman, who gets to be sexually irresponsible, without little to no accountability, and her husband forgives her. The focal message should be sex addiction, instead it’s just sex.
This movie gives infidelity among Black Women a poetic and fairy tale ending, which again leaves Black Women void of any responsibility. Give Black Women a role where a Black Woman is a whore, and add some eye candy, whether it’s  Black Man or if we are fulfilling some white man’s fantasy and you have a recipe for success, because again, we love championing anything that lacks morals, values, accountability and responsibility.  
Like the title of the book and movie; it seems that Black Women have become ‘Addicted” to anything that promotes immorality and leading lady is a Black Whore.
Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad
To learn more about this talented sister, feel free to visit; Nojma Reflects.



9 Responses to “Zane’s Addicted..Why Black Women are “Addicted” to Immorality.”
  1. Demetairs Bell says:

    Bravo Sista, bravo. There’s nothing left to say. I don’t watch Scandal or How To Get Away With Murder (although I have the biggest crush on Viola Davis) and I refuse to read any of Zane’s books. I guess what bothers me most is in this day and age with so many Black Women being educated and all, Black Folks still seem to fall for the same old nonsense. I could be as wrong as 2 left feet but I think there’s an agenda being pushed heavily to get more Black Women to warm up to interracial dating. Black Women are constantly being told Black Men are no good and if we won’t “get our sh*t” together then try this knight in shining armour. The only reason those shows are even getting a chance is because it’s not promoting Black Love. For whatever reason no one wants to a manifestation of Black Love. Major networks wouldn’t dare promote a show with one of their All American White Girls falling in love with some Big Black Buck. Your article is on point, cheating still sells, bottom line. It’s hard to explain why folk gravitate towards bad behavior.

  2. Sister,you are so on point. I have been talking about this same thing to other people about the display of black women as promiscuous and parading around on these TV programs as common whores. I salute you on this article and I couldn’t have said it better. Keep up the good work and I support your efforts.

  3. Raquita says:

    I can list a LONG ON GOING list of examples of white people eating up the same ish we can start with basic instinct and fatal attraction and indecent proposal and just keep it going through unfaithful and one I recently enjoyed Crazy stupid love.. Infidelity is EASY DRAMA. that’s it.

    In HTGAWM – the main characters affair is with a married man. Her husband is having an affair as well with the lawyer in the office.

  4. SDT says:

    This is dumb. How long have daytime soaps been around? Do white women have the same “addictions?”

    These shows and movies follow the same Hollywood formulas as their mostly white predecessors. Folks are always trying to sound enlightened, but end up sounding oblivious.

  5. Zaza says:

    I don’t think black women are enjoying these representations because of the interracial aspect/enjoying seeing black actresses being ‘immoral’, a ‘white man’s whore’ as you put it.

    Me personally and I think others, are enjoying seeing beautiful, in shape black women in prominent powerful roles where they are allowed to be women who are desired and involved in sexual/romantic relationships.

    For so long, even relatively recently, the majority of roles black women played were just in the background,sexless, obese, finger wagging modern mammies. Then from the media and even the black community we are constantly bombarded with stats and stories on how ugly, unattractive, unrefined, obese and so and so on, we all are.

    It’s nice to see a black woman play a woman with a complicated life, relationships and so on, as many women do regardless of race.

    For so long we’ve complained about being stuck in the mammie role in culture, now we are finally breaking out of it, then there are complaints again.
    A fictional character that’s interesting is rarely a perfect person. Was Tony Soprano, or the Breaking Bad guy? Or Carrie Bradshaw? Or the Desperate Housewives? No they drank,drugged, cheated, killed and much more. Why black women need to all be perfect Clair Huxtables as this article seems to want, well I don’t get. It’s respectability politics BS.

    What you are really saying is ‘oh black women on tv having sex and affairs makes us look like sluts to society(white people)!’ If society(some white people) can handle seeing Carrie Bradshaw in SATC cheat, yet not Viola Davis in HTGAWM, well that’s their distorted, racist problem, not mine- nor the show writers.

    You need to understand, if someone is going to have a racist, stereotyped opinion of black women,they will, no matter what perfect image of black womanhood is shown to them. Is the abuse and smearing of Michelle Obama from racist right wingers not proof of that? No, I am ,not going to support the creative limiting of black roles to try please these people.

    I understand the argument over lack of ‘black love’ relationships represented however there are shows such as that new Blackish, and although reality tv has it’s many negatives, it shows black couples- Peter and Cynthia, Nene and Greg- though they are the more stable examples.

    Instead of demanding that the characters seen in Scandal, HTGAWM etc not exist, how about championing for variety, and for them to exist among more ‘Clair Huxtable’ type characters? Black womnen just like everyone else, are varied in their personalities and lives, what’s wrong with TV displaying a range of that?. And remember it’s TV, drama, it will always be exaggerated and characters will do bad things, be conflicted and complex.

    You do black women a disservice proclaiming we are ‘addicted to immorality’. No we are just ‘addicted’ to seeing woman with out skintones finally get to play dramatic roles front center stage. I hope all this backlash doesn’t make black women feel bullied away from enjoying and supporting these shows, excuse us if we want a little escapism and entertainment and particularly enjoy seeing women that look like us playing leads.

    I really wish this was put up as a response. I’m so sick of black women bullying and policing other black women over their choices- whether it’s over hairstyles, dating choices or now even what damn TV show to watch. Can we just live?

    • MsPeaceful says:

      I agree with you Zaza and the author hit on some points as well. I feel as though, Black women dont get the great acknowledgment as we should in Hollywood. The author speaks of black women being promiscuous. Look at these black men being whores in and out of movies, a celebrity or not. Black women arent in a lot of interracial marriages on tv there are few however, BLACK MEN ARE WITH WHITE WOMEN DAY AND NIGHT ALL THE TIME.Black men now a days, they are in movies and tv shows with a hwite girl on their arms, As if they cant cast blakc men love interest with a black women anymore. for one thats a disgrace to me for black men to be with a white girl…As far black women, we need to be supportive of each other. Not just put downs, Black women dont support each other. We need to empower and embrace one another.

    • Yvon says:

      I’m a white (French) man. In my opinion, your wish to see « beautiful, in shape black women in prominent powerful roles where [you] are allowed to be women who are desired and involved in sexual/romantic relationships » is “the sting”, the lure, the bait ; once the fish has bitten the fish hook, it’s finished. Once it has eaten the bait, it’ll be eaten.

      Seing the bait but being blind to the hook means being a swindle victim. The agenda of Big Business & Co is a success.

      I’m agree with Raquita : it’s the same rip-off, the same voluptuous trap with Basic Instinct ; in my opinion, it’s neither a problem for black people nor a problem for white people : it’s a bourgeoisie lethal weapon against people, whatever their skin colour be.

  6. SickofBlckWomanTearingEachOtherDown says:

    Over and over again I’m reading these same articles written by BLACK women who think of themselves to be so educated that they don’t realize how unintelligent and far fetched these articles are. Why is it okay to take seemingly popular shows that have power film black females and degrade their audience of black women by saying that we think it’s okay for them to carry on the way that they do. As someone (20yrold black girl) who loves scandal. I don’t love it because she’s having an affair with a married man, I love it because at the age of 17 when the show first aired i looked at Olivias character and said “Damn, look at how in charge and powerful and successful she is as an black women in a world like politics. A world that I too aspire to be a part of.” Articles like this take unnecessary themes and try and apply them to harmless shows. At the end of the day it’s TV. Nevermind Blacklish whose subtle portrayal is a robbery of the black household making it more acceptable for whites. Scandal, HTGAWM and many others do not degrade the African American women, they actually show her in a light that’s often not portrayed. But authors who choose to write articles such as yourself ARE degrading the black woman by forcing many unnecessary and often offensive names and criticisms on her because she simply watches a show, subsequently trying to make her feel guilty that she finds pleasure in such entertainment. Yet nobody us critiquing beyonce for saying she’s a feminist then telling women to “bow down” while calling them a bitch. The hypocritical behavior shown by black woman that are authors is disgusting. Instead of finding ways to critize african American women, use your agency as a writer to uplift then without trying to make them feel guilty. Racism within the black community is just as bad as the white society and until we as a people learn to respect and NOT tear each other down, things will never change.

  7. Todd Smither says:

    Love the article…you might want to proofread a little more carefully for grammar and typos next time around. Your points are so great and well articulated. It would be a shame if people dismissed it, even if subconsciously, because of grammar issues.

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