Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Mirror, Mirror Please Tell Me All?

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(ThySistas.com) While walking down the street a few years ago in my hometown of Chicago, I noticed a man coming towards me with a decorative wall mirror in his hands. As we approached each other, he stopped and asked, “Do you want to buy a mirror?” I replied “no” as I continued to walk past the man. To my surprise he shouted to me, “You are vain.” I chuckled to myself and without any preconceived thought, slightly turned my head (while continuing to walk) and spoke back, “You need to take a look into that mirror.” Thankfully, he did not reply and I kept walking until I was a block away realizing I had stepped out of my comfort zone and made a comment to a strange man who had the appearance of being addicted to something, quite possibly drugs.

I was slightly agitated that a complete stranger had the nerve to call me vain, but more hopeful that he took my advice and looked in the mirror. Mirrors come in all sizes, shapes and forms. Some are plain with noWoman looking in mirror distinct features and others are quite elaborate with decorative finishes. Regardless of the outward garnishes, mirrors have one thing in common. They tell a story. Some stories are youthful where others show signs of aging. A mirror will show a transformation of our bodies over the years and when we decide to make significant changes, the same mirror will reverse the transformation.

We can depend on mirrors to cut, style and curl our hair, put on make-up or sashay in front of with a fancy new outfit.  Businesses rely on mirrors to help us make decisions about making purchases and mirrors are installed in cars with front, sides and back views to guide us while driving, which helps to save our lives. Yes, mirrors tell lots of stories, but most of all mirrors tell the Truth.

The truth is we all need to look in the mirror of our lives at some point on the journey. We can learn a lot by studying and examining our life experiences. Each day we look into the mirror of life, we may discover something new. Imagine when looking in the mirror if a line reveals you are on a journey. A bump says you have overcome the blocks on the road. Grey hair is an indication of wisdom and loss of hair means you have shredded those heavy loads.  Mirrors can be encouraging and at times discouraging. You can make the mirror your friend or your enemy. My point in the analogies is some things we see in the mirror we cannot change and others we can by making a commitment to transformation.

Now days when I think about the man walking down the street selling a mirror, I consider if he looked in the mirror and made a life change, but I also take my own advice. Each day I look in the mirror of life and encourage myself with the thought, “You can do better.” As a life coach, I encourage you to look in your mirror of truth and move past the things that time won’t change to focus on the things that really matter, the things you can change.

Staff Writer; Sheila Agnew
For more work by this talented writer visit the following site; “Mo Better” Inspiration by Sheila.

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