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Do Men Want Their Happily Ever After?

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( Do men want happily ever after? Our wedding day is one day that many little girls dream about. As little girls growing up we picture ourselves walking down the aisle. We’ve picked out our wedding party and even the color of our toenail polish. Next to giving birth our wedding day is the most important day of our life. Most many want this but do men want their happily ever father.

We meet the man of our dreams, fall in love and get married upon his proposal. Many of us at one time or another wish for this story book romance. Some of us are blessed to receive it, some of us are not as blessed and some us of decide that it’s not for us.

We all know that many women want to get married. It’s no secret that some women put in work looking for a husband as if it were a job. And for those that want babies the clock is really ticking.Affectionate senior African American couple

But do men want the same thing? Many times women have a tendency to believe that men don’t want to fall in love and they run from commitment.
I sometimes have thought the same thing myself. But as I grow older I have come to discover that men want marriage, love and the happiness that comes along with it just as much as women, in some cases even more.

A male friend of mine made once said that he’ll know when he’s met his wife. I asked him how would he know. He stated this, “I will know that I have met the woman that I want to marry when I find myself thinking about her constantly and when I can’t wait to talk to her again. I will know that she is the woman I want to marry when I find myself waking up thinking about her and going to bed with her on my mind.”

Now in my head I thought this was pretty simple, but I was surprised to find out that he had never experienced this feeling, not even with his ex-wife. The more I thought about it the more I found it a bit sad that he had never had this euphoric experience of floating on cloud nine, walking around with a silly grin on his face simply because he is smitten with that little bug called love.

As I was prompted to write about this experience it occurred to me maybe some men want to be swept off their feet by that one special woman. Even though I’m sure that many will never admit that this is the case.

I also wonder if men are walking around all dreamy eyed with fanciful thoughts of walking down the aisle. Are they collecting wedding magazines, catering and bakery lists? Most likely of course not.

But most importantly are brothers ready to give up their player cards? Are they willing and ready to throw out that little black book. Now that leaves a lot to be answered.

Chime in sistas and especially you brothers. Let me know what you think? Are men looking for their happily ever after such as women are?

Editor-at-Large; Eleanie Campbell
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One Response to “Do Men Want Their Happily Ever After?”
  1. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    I think that many men are looking for that happily ever after, but it is as hard for them as it is for us. We live in an age in which few in either gender have discipline enough to work for long-term goals, much less work in harmonious tandem with others. A Black man with a good plan — and there are more of them out there than most believe, even in these times — is going to have a bit of a time finding a Black woman who will see his vision for family, community, and legacy, and trust him enough to get on board as a main support and help (and depending on the man and the plan, that might involve more skill sets than the traditional ones for a woman). It just takes a lot of time, prayer, patience, and more of the same…

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