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Not wearing your prescription glasses?

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( Wearing glasses is now trendier and more prevalent than ever. Despite this, thousands of us that need glasses don’t wear them. Some of us never get an eye test, preferring to squint and hold our phone at arm’s length. Others go through the entire process of getting a prescription – but then never wear their glasses.

Not wearing your glasses could be having a negative impact on your eye health and everyday life. Below are some of the reasons why it could be time to start wearing those specs.

Effects of not wearing prescription glasses

Not wearing prescription glasses can lead to eye strain and headaches. It could also be making your vision worse due to the added stress on your eyes.

Certain activities could also be slowed down by not being able to see clearly such as reading. It could even be dangerous to partake in certain activities such as driving.

Why are you not wearing them?

There are many reasons as to why a lot of us choose to neglect prescription glasses. A few common excuses include:

  •         ‘I don’t like the way I look’: some people don’t want to wear glasses because they don’t want to look ‘nerdy’ or ‘old’.
  •         ‘I’m afraid of getting teased’: some people are afraid that they’ll get teased for wearing glasses.
  •         ‘I find them uncomfortable’: some people find that glasses are uncomfortable.
  •         ‘I don’t find glasses practical’: if you partake in sports or physical activity, glasses may get in the way or may be a danger.
  •         ‘Glasses are too expensive’: some people don’t buy glasses because of the cost.

What’s the solution?

It could be a case that you haven’t found the right pair of glasses yet – or that you haven’t shopped in the right place. A certain shape of frame may fit your face better. Certain opticians may also offer cheaper prices, more comfortable frames and even glasses designed to wear while taking part in sports (it’s always worth trying online stores if you’ve already got a prescription).

There may even be certain adjustments you can make of accessories that you can purchase to make glasses a better option. Anti-glare lenses can help people that suffer from lens glare while driving, while anti-fog for glasses can be useful for activities like swimming. Certain adjustments can also be made to make glasses more comfortable such as adjusting the frames or looking into eyewear cushions.

It’s also worth noting that glasses aren’t the only form of corrective vision that you can look into. Some people find contact lenses to be a much better option – they’re not only practically invisible but they may be more practical and comfortable for some people (although they tend to be more expensive and putting them in can take some getting used to). There’s also the option of laser eye treatment – this is much more expensive, but means not having to wear any extra accessories. Laser treatment may not be an option for your eye condition.  

Staff Writer; Lisa Washington

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