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Divorce Myths You’d Be Wise to Ignore.

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( Going through a divorce is tough enough without hearing those around you saying things that simply aren’t true. If you get caught up in the myths, life can become overwhelming. So, make sure you cut through to the truths to make the journey ahead a smoother one.

Myth #1: You’re a Failure

That’s not true. You and your spouse took vows and had only the best of intentions going into the marriage. But things didn’t go as planned, and divorce is the best option.

You are not a failure because the relationship did not go as intended. Instead, you are navigating your way through life events and putting what is best for your family first. If the connection is unhealthy then move forward and be true to yourself.

Myth #2: You Won’t Heal

If someone says those three words to you, then they are likely broken emotionally. But if they are putting their own resentment about divorce or relationships in general on you, that is not something that you have to internalize.

You deserve to have supportive people around you who tell you the truth: That you will heal, although it will take a lot of self-introspection and time before you’re in a place where you can start dating again.

To help rebuild your self-esteem, which likely has taken a hit, speak with loved ones or a professional, such as a counselor, about your feelings. Sharing your emotions and getting another viewpoint can be very helpful.

Myth #3: Spousal Support Agreements are All the Same

If both parties agree on spousal support, you can put the details into a Spousal Support Agreements. However, spousal support can also be court-ordered if both parties cannot come to an agreement about the terms.

What is fair under the law will depend on many factors, including any economic hardships of the spouses arising from the marriage breakdown. A reputable spousal support attorney will help ensure fair financial support, including recommending the most efficient way to resolve the issue.

Myth #4: Divorce Hurts Kids

While divorce is usually a source of stress for kids, it is not necessarily going to hurt them. Will it be a tough time? Yes. But when both parents are respectful in their discussions in front of the children and how they talk about the other parent when absent, this situation can make the situation one that is manageable for kids.

If the exchanges between you and your partner are angry or even pit the kids against the other parent, then that environment can hurt them. Young children do not have the skills yet to deal with these types of situations, so it’s best to avoid putting them in this potentially harmful emotional setting that could have long-term consequences for them personally.  

The Takeaway on Divorce Myths

While you will read and hear many things about divorce, not everything is accurate. The myths above illustrate this point well. While it is a challenging time, know that you will get through this and come out stronger on the other side.

Staff Writer; Lisa Brown

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