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How To Become A Better Driver.

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( All of us like to think we’re good drivers, but are we really as good as we think? More often than not, the answer is no. We might not be dangerous drivers, but the fact remains that we’ve become lax on taking all the precautions that we used to when we first started learning. 

Due to the ever changing complexities of driving regulations and laws, knowing what the California Vehicle Code 21453 a vc is and how it differs from other misdemeanors is becoming all the more important. Most drivers always take safety seriously, but there’s no harm in refreshing your knowledge to ensure you don’t run into trouble with the law. 

Be Aware and Present

This should go without saying, yet you’d be surprised how many people drive while distracted. Typically, the culprit is our mobile phones, but there’s also known distractions too, such as eating, talking to a passenger, and doing your make-up. All of these things may seem doable, but they reduce your accuracy and awareness, meaning you’re more likely to go through a red light and/or hurt someone. To avoid that, eliminate distractions. Plan your journey before you go, so that you’re already familiar with the route. Furthermore, make sure to keep your phone out of reach and sight, so that you’re focused on the road and not a screen. 

Give Other Vehicles Space

We all know tailgating is bad, but a lot of us are still guilty of doing it, even though we know we shouldn’t. Even though it may seem like the best way to ensure no one cuts in and delays your journey more, you’re greatly increasing the risk of an accident. Therefore, it’s best practice to keep your distance and utilise what is referred to as the two second rule. If you can’t say “only a fool breaks the two-second rule” before you pass the same fixed point that the previous driver did, then you’re driving way too close to their vehicle. It may sound silly, but this mantra is one to repeat, especially during high traffic hours. 

Make Adjustments

This isn’t just in reference to adjusting your speed or adapting to changing weather conditions, but about adjusting your mirrors to reduce blind spots. When we get in a car on that first driving lesson, this is drilled into us, and yet as we become more comfortable with driving, we give it less importance. This is incredibly dangerous, which is why adjusting your mirrors so that you can see the lanes on either side of you is a detail not to be overlooked. What is more, once you’ve adjusted them, make sure to check them regularly; according to experts, you should be checking every five to ten seconds. 

Improving your driving isn’t rocket science, it’s simply a process of reminding yourself to be more diligent and present in the moment. It’s so easy to switch to autopilot when driving, when what we really need to do is pay attention to our surroundings.

Staff Writer; Susan Adams

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