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Teach Your Son.

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( Teach your son to respect others, and to value girls. Teach your son to keep his hands to himself. Teach your son he should NEVER under any circumstance put his hands on a girl. Teach your son well so that we can have more good husbands and fathers. Teach your son to talk to a girl with respect; he should never raise his voice, curse at, or speak recklessly to a girl. Teach your son to value the mind of a girl. If you teach your sons to deal with girls properly they will become men that will treat women right. Teach your son there are no handouts in life and he must earn everything he has. Teach your son that he must be an asset in a relationship; if he loves a woman he should withhold no good thing from her.

Teach your son about equality; he should respect the achievements of a woman on the same level he respects his own. Teach your sons to works through their emotions productively so that they do not become toxic in a relationship. I’ve heard many versions of the above mentioned as the mother of two boys. The thing is I am a daughter in a family that had two girls and one boy. My parents taught the above mentioned to all three of their children. Stop targeting boys if girls will be allowed to do as they please.

We, as women, love to talk about the value of equality. However, this doesn’t translate into how we raise our children. Just as we ought not put all the housework on our daughters ( boys can clean), we should not expect our daughters to shoulder more responsibility making them appear to mature faster than their counterpart, and we ought make route them to marriage defying their dreams. We have to be fair with our children across the board or we will create the monster that we see in adults. Don’t tell me to raise my son a certain way based on the men you’ve dealt with unless a man can tell you to raise your daughter a certain way based on the women he’s dealt with. Some of the problems we encounter in adults are happening on both sides of the fence. Not handling emotional trauma, reckless mouths, verbal/abuse, and violence are human problems.

Its interesting when a man explains his story because some woman will fix their mouth to say they have never seen women abuse men, they never heard men speak about their pain at the hands of a woman, and these same women overlook the violence of little girls when their boys come home and say SHE hit me. However, if we should believe the victim, and respect their truth, that man should be heard…that little boy should be protected. The fact that too many us overlook these situations while telling the women in their community “you better teach your son…” is unacceptable. Every boy isn’t raised to be “some ashy weak man that brings nothing to the table”, and every little girl isn’t being raised to be a queen one day that will be a good mother or wife. If you can’t accept the first part of the last statement it’s hard to acknowledge the second part.

ALL of our children are precious gifts from the Creator. They all deserve love, peace, protection, and rearing. They must all be taught respect, value, proper interaction with another human being, how to work through trauma in a productive way….and to keep THEIR ands to themselves. Let’s stop making this a one sided argument and keep the same level of expectation and standards for our beautiful little girls and boys so that they become the strength of a people together.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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