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A War America’s Never Seen.

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( Can you imagine life as you know it turning into smoke and ash right before your eyes? Your home has been bombed, and you are on the streets looking for shelter for you and your family. You were able to get out with a few necessities and very little food. You are on high alert moving as stealthily as possible because there are people with guns on your streets…and they are not all American. Communication is difficult so you don’t know what has become of the rest of your family, or if they are alive. Many civilians are looking for the same things you are, and that has caused conflict amongst Americans. You have witnessed people being shot and killed right before your eyes, but you could not afford to scream. You never imagined this could ever happen.

As a matter of fact, so many people said no one could bomb America directly…you always thought no army would every march down your streets with guns. A way is war on American soil in ways you’ve only read about in other countries. You’ve come across someone with a bunker set up and they have offered you and your immediate family shelter. Now you sit and wait, hoping and praying this bunker is not discovered by the enemy.

This sounds like something out of a horror story but it’s where the mind of some Americans went when this president decided he would fool with Iran in the worst way. You see, some people are not capable of respecting situations they have not experienced. American has never been invaded or occupied by a foreign nation. We don’t know what it’s life for a country to drop bombs, in an air raid, all over our country. we’re convinced it can’t happen…but no one is untouchable. Many of us have read of war sticking countries in history classes. We’ve seen the destruction of war on the news.

However, seeing it happen to someone else is different from witnessing such an atrocity in one’s own back yard. We don’t have to worry our heads about bombs destroying our home, or the streets becoming a real warzone. Most of us wouldn’t have the first clue what to do if something like that were to happen. We don’t take the idea serious at all. This is why many people can get on social media and crack jokes about our current situation with Iran. We don’t know the culture of that nation and its people. We don’t understand that their anger is real as would ours be if the same situation would have happened to us.

This is not a call to live in fear. It’s a call to learn more about this situation without cracking a joke. Don’t just blow it off as we’ve been at war in the Middle East for what feels like forever. Take the time to learn about our foreign affairs. You are a citizen and citizenship has responsibilities…being informed should be among them. Know that our soldiers will be put in harm’s way…they are someone’s children, spouse, parent, sibling, and friend…don’t take the threat to their life as a joke. There is a war American has never seen…and I pray she never does.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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