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What Is Your Worth?

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( Everything has a price these days.  Money has helped society learn what is important and what is not.  A higher price means better quality and endurance throughout the years.  There is one person, however, that often ends up being devalued in most situations: ourselves.  There is no legal price tag for our ability to be good friends or great parents. We have no price tag on our personalities or our values.  In no way am I suggesting we begin to sell ourselves for material money. However, I think it is time to know and appreciate just how much we mean to those around us. 

Knowing your worth is difficult.  You naturally want to compare yourself to others.  That is not surprising because we live in a society where comparison drives equity and competition. So how do we know what our worth is without the comparisons?  It starts with knowing who we are and what we bring to others’ lives. You have to know who you are and what makes you unique. What is it that makes you valuable to others?  How do you help people become better people? Sometimes, you can answer this question yourself. It is also okay if you need to consult with others to see who you are. Consider Reese Witherspoon’s character in the movie Legally Blonde.  Her character, Elle Woods, knew her personality. She knew what she wanted: Warner. After dedicating time, money, and effort to getting into Harvard, who she was did not match who she wanted anymore. She learned that who she as a person could be better accepted by someone who would love her for who she is. She found that person without having to change her core values.   Once you know who you are, you can decide how much you can or can not dedicate to others. 

The next part of determining your worth involves decisions we do not like to make because it involves limits.  Knowing your worth means you can not be everything to everyone. It hurts learning that you can not be everyone’s superhero, but it is a necessary lesson if you want to be able to help others and keep your sanity. Decide what you are willing to dedicate to others; this means to decide how much, when, and where.  For example, let us say you work from 8 to 5 from Monday to Friday at your job.

An organization wants you to dedicate every Friday to working with them. If your job is your livelihood, you may not be able to dedicate time or effort to this every Friday organization. It does not mean the organization is bad. It simply means that your priorities include taking care of home first before you dedicate time anywhere else. 

I applaud your ability to want to be everything to everyone. It is a great and beautiful trait that many people wish they could have. However,  you are a valuable part of this earthly realm. It is important to know your worth so you can continue to be a part of the fabric that makes this human race a beautiful group of people.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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