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Lessons & Basketball.

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( When I was in high school, I learned how to score keep for volleyball and basketball. Why? I wanted another reason to avoid my grandmother. Fortunately, this skill has led to my side hustle as an adult. I get paid to press buttons while young boys and girls run up and down a court attempting to win games and the hearts of college coaches and basketball fans. On average, I see five to ten games a day. That means 5 to 10 wins and losses. I’m accustomed to dramatic emotions when a team loses: crying, screaming, overturning benches. These teams, however, shake hands and move on to the next game. I am amazed. How can they recover so quickly? How can they control their emotions? How do they win or lose as a team? I am not nor have I ever been a great basketball player, but I can infer based on their actions as to the reason for their abilities.

1. Play a lot.

I will admit I am a “one night stand” person when it comes to bad experiences. I experienced horrible food at Arby’s, and I have not been back since. I had a friend who said my husband was flirting with her just to cause problems between my husband and I, and I no longer talk to her. I refereed one softball game, had a parent scream at me one time, and I was done with refereeing. My theory is simple: if it does not work once, it probably will not work again. These teams play over five games in one weekend. Sometimes, it is the same team. Sometimes, it is a harder opponent. Sometimes, it is a team with the same skill level. Whoever it may be, they play…and play…and play. Each game brings a different type of experience and game they can learn from.

2. Play Through the Victory.

High school basketball follows the rules and guidelines so people can keep their jobs and lives. These teams, however, pay to play. In other words, they choose to play not even knowing if they will be successful or not. As they play each game, fast breaks and turnovers start to reveal which team is the strongest out of the two. The strongest team can be up by 20 or 25 points, but they still play like the score is neck and neck. They play every second like it could be their last. It is easy for us to forget that every second we live is a chance for us to do better than before. Instead of relaxing when we think we have a handle on things or things are going great, we need to continue to press like nothing has changed. Yes! It is amazing when we get a pay raise or find the person of our dreams. However, continue to push for more pay. Work harder to make your relationship with your mate the best it can be. The game is not over just because you are ahead.

3. Improve the Skills. Ignore the Ego.

Welp, you lost the game. You can blame the referees, the rims, or the right side of the court. It will not change the fact that your team score less points than the other. Pity parties have no time at a tournament because of the schedule. A team may have to play games one after another, so there are two choices: complain or compete. From what I have seen, teams choose to take the “L”, discuss improvements, and move on to the next game. The same thing applies to us. Do not misunderstand me: it sucks when you are late with an important order or you forget to pick up a very important package. However, crap happens. Learn from it and be better. Ego makes emotions internally corrupt their process (Insert tempt tantrum and pity parties). We have to learn that emotions are important, but they are not permanent. Take the lesson from the failure and improve your skills. Ignore your ego.

I am grateful for the experiences scorekeeping have granted me. These athletes have way more drive than I will ever have physically. They also possess a great ability to deal with life beyond the court. Thanks to them I have learned more about life and how to handle destructive situations.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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