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The Easy Way to Lose Support.

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( It is very understandable that life can be hard to navigate. There is often plenty of exhaustion to go around, and then there is the mental agitation that comes from feeling misunderstood and dealing with nonsense situations. Too many times it seems that everything begins to happen at once. There are issues on the job, fall outs with the significant other, family members with drama, children that want to try your patience, and the things you want to achieve for yourself seem to be difficult to accomplish. In this space it is important to realize that many of us are not alone regardless of the feeling.

Some of us have amazing people in out life that offer support and help us by absorbing some of the pressure we face. They put what they are dealing with on the back burner to be a source of positivity and help in our life. It’s understandable that when life feels upside down its hard to manage, and it can feel like there is a need to blow up on everyone. You might know that you are not the only person going through a storm, but maybe in that moment it doesn’t matter. Honestly, this is the easiest way to lose the support circle that truly loves you.

Its easy to say if someone is really on your team, they need to understand the space you are in, and not make the situation about them. However, that is not fair, and it is low key selfish. The pressure is understandable but taking it out on those that are there to support you is not fair. Even still its can be understood that sometimes it happens. However, when it is brought to your attention how will it be handled? If you blow the person off, or worse, go off on them as though how they feel about you going off on them is irrelevant you can lose this person. It might not seem like a big loss until you truly need them, and they aren’t there.

No one is obligated to accept terrible treatment because you had a bad day or are going though a rough season.  Them walking away might make you feel like they are just another person that it not loyal to you, but in this situation you are inflicting damage. It is important to take a moment to look outside of yourself to realize when someone is giving you their best because they care.

Life happens, but the easiest way to lose a support team is to forget it happens to others also. No one deserves to become a verbal and emotional whipping post for someone they love. In all fairness you wouldn’t want to deal with this from others, and if you are it may be time to re-evaluate that situation. Even in the mist of adversity fairness is very important. When you find that you have possible hurt someone you love, go to them an make it right. The mistake given by the pressure you’re under is what they can understand, but the disregard is what will drive them away. When everyone is aware of themselves the support group can work both ways offering all parties involved the positivity they need to get through life’s storms.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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