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Negativity Can Destroy Health.

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( There is so much negativity, hurt, and injustice in the world. Yet, when we focus on health often times we look solely to our body. Many sistahs are aware of flu season, sinus infections and other illnesses that can put one down, or land one in the hospital, it we don’t pay attention to our physical selves. With everything going on around us it is often hard to balance work, what we see on social media, family, relationship, and me time. Many of us have hours that run into days, and days that run into weeks without adequate rest mentally nor physically. In the hustle and bustle of it all too many of us find ourselves under the weather. There are times when the illness is much worst and requires hospital care.

There are times when we wonder why we are sick for days…weeks even, and no matter what medicine we take symptoms seem to linger. Sometimes we make countless appointments to see various specialists only to be told they can’t find anything wrong with us. Sistahs the mind is a powerful thing. The energy we choose to keep can have a hand in determining one’s health.

Have you ever felt physically terrible, but the people in your circle continued to tell you things are getting better? Did you have the urge to explain to them, once again, all of your symptoms because it seemed like they simply didn’t understand? Have you ever experienced the elders cleaning and sanitizing your space, or ordering you to do so, because your dwelling needed a “cleansing”? If you have experienced these things, or situations like them, the people in your life may have been trying to shift the energy around you. They could have been trying to usher in positivity via verbal affirmation and cleansing the space physically and spiritually.

It is understandable that you are simply addressing what you are actually dealing with, but what they are calling you to do is command healing to your body and mind. Constant negativity, and the magnification of your current state could make healing for your body an uphill battle. You might not be able to control, at that moment, how your body is behaving…but you can have a say in your outlook. Far too often we feel helpless when it comes to our emotional state, and the energy we tend to feel. The weight of our verbal heaviness has the power to bring the body lower and effect our immune system further.

Getting angry about your condition, and all those that are speaking life into you, is not going to motivate healing in your body nor space. You must help your body get back on its feet. You are strong and have the power to wield yourself to wellness. Look at your life and see where the toxic negative energy is coming from if no one can figure out why you can’t get rid of that cold, flu, sinus infection, or sever fatigue. It is very important to get in agreement with those in your life that are trying to rid you of the negativity by pouring the positive into you. What they are doing is an act of love, and healing. How you see yourself, and your wellness will determine how quickly you can get back on your feet. We’ve often heard of “mind over matter”.  Allow your mind and words the chance to help you body bounce back.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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