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3 Ways to bet On Yourself.

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( While reading an article in the Huff Post, written by Sarah Danielle, she posed a question that left me thinking really hard.  Her question (and answer) was, “What’s the fastest way to success?  Bet on yourself!”   We give so much of our knowledge, time and power over to our employer who to my understanding, typically is not paying us enough to become their neighbors.  We are given just enough crumbs from their table (crumbs meaning our paychecks) just to do it all over again and again, year after year.  With no passion left for ourselves to prosper in life.

This is not one of those everyone needs to quit their jobs and become full time entrepreneur’s articles.  However, this is content that will hopefully motivate you to aspire to do more than working your 9-5.  We need corporate America employees, we need Starbucks baristas and we need cashiers at our local grocery stores so the world and our basic wants and needs can be satisfied, daily.

I know an actress who rises early in the morning to serve customers coffee at Starbucks with a smile on her face and this same actress who brings words to life on the set of movies.  She’s passionate in both of positions because she simply bet on herself.  You can still love your day job and do what you’re passionate about at night or on the weekends.

Here are 3 ways to bet on yourself:

1. Fangirl yourself first. Stop looking for the approval of everyone else and become your biggest fan.  Your family and friends may never support what you’re passionate about.  You need to support what you’re passionate about before anyone.  You may be Beyonce’s biggest fan, but I know for sure, Beyonce’s biggest fan first, is herself.  You can’t expect people to buy into what you don’t believe in yourself.  It’s ok to admire others who’ve paved the way before you, but make sure that you admire yourself 110% of the time, first.

2. Don’t ask for permission to sit at the table, create your own space. If your industry is too crowded, so what.  Create your own space and let people know that you are there.  This especially goes for persons who are passionate about becoming a motivational speaker.  Don’t wait until someone pays you to come speak at their event, create your own event and bet on yourself and create your own keynote speech.

3. Stand your ground when it comes to your vision. Don’t be easily persuaded to change your mind because of the naysayers.  Be bold and confident in your decision making as it relates to your vision not their vision for you.  If the people you know and trust don’t align with your vision, find you a community who does and stand your ground.  You know the vision you have for whatever it is that you want to do in life.  You can’t allow other people thoughts and judgement navigate your vision’s destiny.

Betting on yourself can sometimes be lonely because people may not understand your vision, the time and space they feel, may not be ready for what you want out of life, but it’s up to you to stand your ground and be bold in whatever it is that you put your mind to.  Make it a habit to bet on yourself, you deserve it and won’t regret any of it.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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