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Cardi B I Tried to Root for You.

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( I admit Bodak Yellow was once on my workout playlist. I followed Cardi B on Instagram, and I really wanted to be fan. Here is was a female rap artist that came from a very hard situation, and she was now on top. She seemed very comfortable with who she was regardless of what others thought of her. I really liked that she seemed to keep it real with her fans, though in the back of my mind I wondered when she would elevate to the next level of Cardi B. I thought my question was answered when I saw her speak out about a few political subjects, and despite the language, I totally agreed with her viewpoint. I was cheering for Cardi B. Even when she married Offset, believe me I wanted her to do better, she looked happy and seemed to have chosen love on her own terms. I admit I’m not a Migos fan, nor a fan of many of the rappers in kind…but I wanted to like Cardi B. Her fashion savvy had my attention, and I loved her red carpet looks. I try not to get stuck in one era of music and give what’s new a chance. However, given my taste in music and the kind of rap artist I tend to be a fan of…she was me stepping out of my comfort zone. Unfortunately, as of recent I realize I tried to root for her, and simply cannot.

I know Hip Hop can be raw, and a part of the culture is street credibility. However, it seems that she has amnesia, or simply didn’t know, regarding how many rap artists have paid for their persona. This is important because she took it upon herself to speak on having lured me for sex only to drug and rob them. In her initial responses about it she speaks about rap artists that have talked about robbing and even murdering people. Well, she should probably google how many rappers have been arrested and done time for the criminal trouble they commit…some are still locked up. She can’t use the culture to justify openly admitting to drugging and robbing men. It’s simply wrong, and truth be told if a man would have said the EXACT same thing we’d still be talking about it, and his career would be in trouble.

The double standard is disturbing, and also her initial response to the backlash. Cardi B has man fans, and those trying to be fans; in this moment she let them down. None of us have to harm others to survive. If we are not forced against our will, we have a choice even if the road will be extremely tough. Just as I feel this way about drug dealers…the same principle applies to Cardi B. There are many rap artists that has to get a job to support themselves, and yes, they come from nothing and were struggling. No saying she’s never had a job, but drugging and robbing men is a choice. The more I think about the situation the more upsetting it becomes for me.

Lastly, there is the issue of victim shaming. Ladies, many of us have said this isn’t like the Bill Cosby situation because robbery is not rape. Well, both crimes can leave a victim traumatized and scared for life. As someone that has survived both I think its quite upsetting to downplay the trauma of a victim of robbery because it’s not rape. Please don’t tell me the men knew what they were getting into because she was a stripper or went to the hotel with her. That is victim shaming…something we don’t allow when the victims are women. If someone were to point out the woman coming to Cosby’s hotel in the middle of the night, we’d say that doesn’t justify nor excuse his actions. This position is correct. However, that argument is the same when it comes to these men…they did not agree to being drugged and robbed so they are victim. Treat them as such should they speak out. The justification of her actions by some of us is mind boggling to me.

Cardi B might want to consider realizing she will have to elevate as her status and bank account elevates. She can’t just make it off the rachet keeping it real persona without paying a serious price eventually. She might want to invest in a publicist she trusts and learn discretion in her speech. Furthermore, being a woman keeping it real doesn’t justify horrid behavior. It doesn’t justify drugging and raping a human being. Just as a woman is not an object for prey…neither is a man…no one should be treated that way. As of now, I can’t be a Cardi B fan. She has to come into herself more for my taste. Just as I was not able to look past the behavior of certain male artist, I will not be a hypocrite and look past her actions. I wish her the best, and plenty of elevation…I just can’t support a human being drugging and harming people. I’ve survived too many kinds of violation.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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