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Finding Your Passion.

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( So many people feel lost because they are unsure of what they’re really passionate about.  Historically in our culture, we weren’t taught to develop skills that coincide with our passion.  We were told, harshly and boldly, “Go to school and get a job.”  For women, add “Have children and be the best wife.”  There was no handbook to navigate us through passionately living our lives.  Well thank God, those days are behind us.

Nowadays, we can walk down the aisles in a bookstore, or with a click of a button, we can watch a video on YouTube, order a gadget, materials or equipment that we need to help us find our passion.  Usually finding our passions means take a look at what we enjoy doing naturally.  In the simplicity of your joy, is where your passion lies.  The cherry on top is also knowing that you now monetize your passions.

Still unsure of how this is possible?  Here’s an example of a normal person who loves to listen to her friends, read books and write in her journal about her everyday life experiences. Take all three of those passions or skills as we’ll call them (listening, reading and writing) and learn how they can be monetized.  This person who loves to listen to people can begin a career as a transcriber.  Her love for books could save others time and she can teach courses on what she’s read or vlog doing book reviews.  That’s a paid position, vlogging!  This same person who loves to write in her journal daily or weekly could easily take her thoughts from within and start a blog or become a freelancer for online or print publications.

Whatever it is that you naturally enjoy doing, no matter how big it is, is your passion.  Maybe you enjoy being a stay at home mother and carpooling on school days.  You are the greatest mother on earth and there’s some parents who will gladly pay you to provide a transportation service weekly or even just a couple of days out of the week.  Consider asking yourself, what would do if money wasn’t an issue?  That’s how you find your passion.

It is possible to be passionate about multiple things and that’s okay.  Maybe your 9a-5p is doing one passion (i.e., working as an accountant helping people manage their money).  And at night, you are passionately baking cute cupcakes for your child’s classmate birthday tomorrow.  Don’t feel the need to be put in a box because of traditional views of society or even your family, go find in life, what you’re truly passionate about.

If you really have no clue what you’re passionate about, then try a variety of things until it’s confirmed to you loud and clear.  It’s usually that burning feeling inside to do more of it or that fun thing you’re doing that keeps you up at night.  Try taking a cooking class, entertain a small group of friends in your home, sign up for an arts and craft class, teach a brief course on a specific topic on social media, send an encouraging email to a friend.  Just get out there in this beautiful world and find your passion.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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