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Finding Wellness Outside of Work.

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( Such a huge portion of our life is spent at work, that everything else seems to swirl around it, being navigated by when we start and when we stop. This can have a detrimental effect on our mental health, especially when we feel like we don’t seem to put our brain on pause until we hit the pillow at night.

We often work hard and schedule our lives because we’re providing for the people we care about. The Global Wellness institute found that 76% of people polled in the workforce were struggling with their wellbeing, as a result of a mixture of factors.

Take up a new exercise

Although exercise often brings to mind the idea of training for a marathon or endlessly running on elliptical machines, it doesn’t have to be quite so arduous. Starting a beginner’s jogging program, which can be downloaded on apps such as iTunes are completely free and start off at a slow pace. The endorphin rush from getting your heart pumping every now and then will replace all those stress chemicals with feelings of euphoria and relaxation. There are  also psychological benefits of giving yourself a confidence boost and confirming to yourself that you absolutely can do it.

If straight cardio is absolutely not your thing, an exercise like yoga is surprisingly testing and puts a huge emphasis on mindfulness. The practice will walk you through concentrating on deep, restful breaths and focusing your energy on your muscles and strength. There is absolutely no requirement to join in with the lifestyle, either. You can even find exercises to do at home for free on YouTube, which take you through the same practices but in the safety of your own home. Once you’ve become familiar with Warrior Pose and Downwards Dog, you might gain the confidence to join in some group classes.

Deal with nagging issues

If you can’t concentrate at work, it could be due to unresolved financial and personal issues eating away at you. If you know full well that the washing machine is about to clunk out, or your car is about to rattle out of use, then these issues need to be tackled. Saving up for that much needed repair can soothe the worry of ‘how much will it cost?’, or, browsing around retailers for the best deal are a brilliant place to start. Even taking the first steps of dealing with an issue can make life much less stressful. If immediate finance is an issue for a much-needed purchase, spreading the cost over a few months might be a safer option. If this is something you’ve already considered, read here for a little more info on what’s available.

Find a new hobby

If your focus on work makes you feel as if your creativity or outside interests are being eroded away, then consciously finding a new hobby could be an exciting path. By spending just an hour painting or knitting, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the stress from the day dissolves away while your focus is elsewhere. Putting passion into a hobby sometimes even has the result of becoming a job in its own right.

If you’ve never really considered yourself much of a cook, doing some reading about recipes you’d until now been a bit scared of trying might be a great challenge. Experimenting with new spices and new cuisines might unleash the head chef within. Learning the art of baking, pottery or craft making might also come in use for special occasions, with homemade gifts always being impressive conversation starters.

Socialize more

When you already have so much on your mind, it’s easy to isolate yourself. The need to constantly wind down means plenty of lost hours sat watching television box sets or movies on the couch. However, the calming process of talking about your worries with friend and loved ones should not be underestimated. Taking the time to head out and go for a coffee or a drink will provide a much-needed breath of fresh air and distraction.

Talking about the day’s or week’s problems can also help you to feel much less alone. You might be surprised to find that your friends have been experiencing the same problems all along. Spending the night chatting and learning to laugh off stressful moments lifts not only your present worries but also your anxieties in general.

Take your wellness regime into work

With all this taken into account, it’s time to take your methods of mindfulness and wellness into the place that might be causing you stress in the first place. Taking deep, poised breaths in your office chair or wherever you’re based will help you become far more mellow and positive. You might even be surprised to know that there is something called ‘chair yoga.’ Although this is sometimes used for people who have stiff joints and who aren’t as flexible, some moves can be contained to your office or workplace to help your muscles stretch and relax. If you have a mantra you’ve been working on, write it down on your notepad at work, or if you have a family picture that makes you particularly happy, play it in your eye line at work. Finding a focal point to concentrate on in times of deep stress help you to re-center yourself.

Building on your overall wellness is something that can and should be taken one step at a time. If you’re completely fed up with having tense shoulders and a tight chest, then trying a bit of mindfulness and meditation is a proactive way to start. Even if you don’t find the time to take up running or a new exercise, spending time in the evenings sketching or cutting out crafts could be the soothing activity you really need. While work is a necessary means of providing and keeping on top of bills, it should never take up your entire life. The more time you make for yourself will make your quality time with everyone else vastly improved.

Staff Writer; Latasha Jones

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