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5 Services That Could Take The Hassle Out Of A Healthy Lifestyle.

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(ThySistas.comLet’s be honest here. A healthy lifestyle is easy in the summer. It’s a piece of cake in the spring. It’s even fairly achievable in the fall (although the temptation of all those syrupy seasonal lattes certainly doesn’t help). But staying healthy in winter is a whole lot harder. It doesn’t help that our every instinct  is screaming at us to indulge in less than healthy habits. The culture we inhabit doesn’t help all that much either. We’re often encouraged to drink too much, eat unhealthily and gorge past the point of feeling comfortably full under the proviso that we’ll burn it all off when we hit that oh-so-crowded gym in the new year.

It requires a whole lot of discipline to stay healthy over the winter months. There’s an awful lot of temptation out there that we must resist in the winter months, from the boozy revelry of the office Christmas party to the inevitable excess of Christmas dinner. What’s more, the cold, dark and forbidding weather outside of office hours is hardly conducive to heading out for a run or braving a trip to the gym. If we’re to stay on the right path over this winter, some of us may need a little helping hand. Fortunately, there are a great many services out there who can make this a whole lot easier…

Workout apps

Even with the strongest will in the world, it can be crushingly difficult to start the day in the healthy and productive way that we start a summer’s day in the winter. When we awaken to see the sun streaming in through our windows, it’s easy to throw on our workout clothes and head out to the gym or for a long street run. The trouble is that this can be untenable in the winter months.

Many of us find ourselves afflicted by Seasonal Affective Disorder and as such find it difficult to even get up in the morning much less hit the gym. SAD can rob us of our energy and even when we’re getting plenty of sleep, it’s never quite enough. What’s more, the prospect of going for a run on slippery roads on dark mornings is often more dangerous than healthy.

Thankfully, in the digital era, you can still enjoy the many benefits of working out in the morning without even having to leave your home thanks to a plethora of workout apps available on the iOS and Amazon app stores. Here are some good ones. Workout apps can make working out at home enjoyable and rewarding (there are even some that will help you make money by working out).

Bottled water delivery

Good hydration is the key to good health. When we don’t get enough water… We die. It’s as simple as that. Water is essential to keep our bodies working efficiently. It can aid concentration and keep us productive at work while also helping our immune system to operate at peak efficiency and ward off the seasonal illnesses that can reduce our enjoyment of the holidays.

Yet, while we’re all well aware of the benefits of staying hydrated most of us don’t drink enough water simply because water from the tap can taste nasty. Fortunately, there’s a bottled water delivery service to bring a range of delicious, flavored waters direct to your door. There are even bottled waters that can give you a caffeine kick without sugars or artificial sweeteners.  

Recipe box services

After stepping out of your workplace to see a pitch-black sky at the end of a long working day, the last thing you need is to be confronted by an arduous trip to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for a healthy dinner before journeying home to cook it.

Is it any wonder that it’s so tempting to just order pizza and hunker down in front of the TV on a cold, winter’s night? But while this may be comforting, it can also seriously derail your health and fitness goals. Instead, try a recipe box service like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh or Mindful Chef. There are a lot to choose from and most will even give you some freebies as an incentive to join. They can take a lot of the hassle out of preparing delicious, healthy meals.

Free sobriety services

Finally, Christmas can be an extremely difficult time of year for those of us who have a complicated relationship with alcohol. Fortunately, there are many free sobriety services and rehabilitation centers to help to give you the care, advice and support that you deserve. While it may feel as though you are, you are never alone!

Have a happy, healthy holiday, dear readers!

Staff Writer; Carla Lee

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