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Is a Hillary Clinton Presidency Progress for ALL Women.

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( This past June Hillary Clinton sealed the Democratic Party Nomination. In regards to national political history this is indeed a big deal. She is the first woman to achieve such a feat, and it was no easy task. The discussion has begun about the breaking of the glass ceiling for women. However, it is a conversation riddled in catch 22s. The face of women’s movement, since suffrage, in this country has been one that of a white woman. Black women have been expected to be supportive, as we are all women, but our needs and concerns are often placed on the back burner. When President Obama was nominated many of us cheered and wept as we felt a barrier breach.

However, many black women are not feeling that same sentiment with this current historical moment. In the many ranks of women in this country black women often do not feel a part of the WE. Jada Pinkett-Smith captured the sentiment of many in stating: “The only question I have been asking myself is if I’m [supposed] to vote for Hillary because she is a woman; will she take us to the mountaintop with her or will women of color once again be left out and left 2016-hillary-clinton-and-black-womenbehind?”

The reluctant feeling, regarding Hillary Clinton, of some black women is not paranoia. Black women need only look at the track record of this country, and they will find their concerns validated. writer Victoria M. Massie notes…“Make no mistake, Clinton’s nomination is no small feat. But it would be dishonest to say her nomination is a win for all women without reckoning with how so many women have been written out of history simply because they weren’t also white”.

The title of this article is the question I would like to pose to every sistah. This is not about party allegiance; I will not tell you to vote, or not vote, for Hillary Clinton. With that being said I truly believe we must take the time to ask ourselves are we included in the progress. Do we feel as though a major milestone, for us as black women, has been reached? It is time to come together, and unify around what we need in order to make our voice count. Sistahs when President Obama was reelected we alone contributed a 70% voter turnout rate, and that can’t be taken for granted. Hillary Clinton must earn our vote.

Black women have always shown up, and supported women’s, or should I say feminist, movement in this country. However, the shadows have been our designated place; due to this historical fact it is difficult to see ourselves elevate as Hillary Clinton breaks through the glass ceiling. It is yet to be seen whether, or not, Hillary Clinton will move to elevate all women. The Democratic National Convention gave us powerful words from Black Mothers, and our current First Lady.

Many of us await to see if there is more in store other than mere words. For Hillary Clinton to win the White House black women will have to get behind her. Oprah Winfrey has already given her the endorsement. Yes, we will be there but we must harbor concern for the future. It may be truly time to re-consider our position among the feminist movement in this country. Should Hillary Clinton follow history in her treatment of black women in movement…that may very well be the last straw for many of us regarding feminism in the country.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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    Excellent article!

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