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Bring the Romance Back Into Your Relationship Right Now.

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( A relationship does not stay stable and loving all on it’s own. No matter how strong a partnership is, all relationships need work to maintain them. Nurturing these vital connections is an ongoing process. It shouldn’t be a one-way street, always remember it takes two!

Get back to basics

Remember when you first met? The butterflies in the stomach, the nerves, the excitement? Remember what attracted to you to your partner in the early stages of your relationship? Thinking back to the start can give it you a much-needed boost.

Are you communicating?

Talking to each other and actually communicating your needs to your partner is key to a healthy union.  The more you talk to your partner, the smoother your life together will be. For example, you may be struggling with intimacy and need to speak to a professional like those at an ED Clinic Santa Monica, and need the support from your partner to take that step to get back on track with your intimacy. Being able to be open and honest is absolutely crucial. Communication will strengthen your bond – a relationship cannot survive without it. Listening is an undervalued skill, too!

Are you committed?

For you to work as a couple, you both have to be committed to each other. No relationship will work if only one of your heart’s is truly in it. You’ve got to be in it for the long haul. Disagreements have to be Young couple laughingworked through. If you’re just going to give up as soon as you hit a problem, maybe you just aren’t committed enough.

Spend Time Together

Sure, we spend a lot of time with our partners in day to day situations. But do we spend enough quality time with our loved ones? The answer is often no. When did you last have a date night? When did you set out time just to show them some attention? Try going away for a short break and get away from it all, but that’s not always possible when you’re on a budget. You could try your luck and enter this romantic Love Cave Competition. Who knows, you could be lucky enough to win a free holiday with the one you love!

Be Nice.

The power of little acts of kindness is not be under-estimated! Kind words, a caring attitude, and mutual respect are cornerstones of a strong relationship. When you’re busy you can sometimes be brusque with people without even realising. Your tone of voice often says much more than the words that are actually coming out your mouth. It is impossible to take back harsh words and nasty comments, so choose your words wisely.

Laugh Together

Keeping a sense of humour in tough times will help the you and your partner grow together. Remembering to have fun is vital when you are nurturing your relationship. Sharing a similar sense of humour really helps too. If you’ve got a dry sense of humour, or use sarcasm you do have to watch it isn’t interpreted the wrong way. Also, one can have a little fun online.  If you know they enjoy a good joke, you could send your loved one over to LaffGaff. Laughter is good for one’s soul. Don’t take life too seriously. By lightening up, you’ll reduce pressure on your relationship, too.

Have you any tips for keeping your relationship alive? How do you nurture your relationships with your friends and loved ones? Share your stories below.

Staff Writer; Latasha Reed

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