Friday, July 20, 2018

Make-up: Art or Masks.

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We are a vibrant people with a style that can not e duplicated. We must just remember owning our face is also a bold statement.

Why Do We Protect Female Predators.

We can’t take a stance against men that do these things while remaining silent regarding women. Do not their victims deserve justice?

What God Has For You, Is For You.

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but thank God for your journey and the story or testimony that you will share with others, at it’s appointed time.

Order Requires Effort.

Far too often we look at life and understand it is out of order, but we feel helpless to put our life in order.

Payment Due: Why it is Important to Hire an Attorney for OTR Accident Cases.

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Tweet ( Did you know that “over the road” (OTR) trucks are involved in thousands of crashes each year? Receiving compensation after you’ve been in an accident with one of these large trucks, however, can be quite a challenge. Your best chance of getting a settlement in your favor is hiring an attorney who specializes in […]

Hearing Loss Explained: Do You Know These 3 Types of Hearing Loss, Their Causes, and Treatments?

Tweet ( The human ear has three parts – the outer, middle and inner ear. Hearing loss can result if there is a problem with any of these three parts. All hearing loss is not the same. In fact, there are three types of hearing loss: conductive, sensorineural and mixed. Read on to find out what […]

God is Not Responsible.

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You very well may not be able to save him, ad if you as where was God, he was there every time you saw the red flag.

Turn the Drama Off.

Ridding your life of drama will allow you to breathe easier while showing your daughters how to command their life while having positive, etc.

Put the Phone on Silent.

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Walk away from that phone and all that comes with it and re-energize self. You will be glad you took care of you, and your family will thank you also.

How To Manage Your Business Effectively.

Tweet ( Managing a business, whether old or new, small-scale or large-scale, is tough. Without proper management, human resources, finance, and ideas, it may be difficult to begin the business, let alone make it stay afloat. Here are some things to keep in mind to help manage your business effectively and ensure it thrives even against […]

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