Thursday, October 18, 2018

3 Ways to Ensure That You Get as Much as Possible When Suing for Personal Injury (LA).

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Tweet ( Personal injury cases arise in several ways. You may slip and fall on the premises of a business, get hit by a drunk driver, or be given the wrong medication by a doctor. Whatever the situation, if you were hurt by another person’s negligence, you should begin researching accident injury lawyers. An attorney can […]

Your Love Needs are Important.

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What started out as a misunderstanding could be something that brings you closer together as you dive into the beauty of learning about love and intimacy together.

Secret Confessions of a Childless Rebel.

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In writing what I consider newsworthy as it relates to life experiences, this commentary is based on my child-free escapades of the late 1990s.

Dear Female Predator.

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I will continue to stand up for all that have been sexually abuse, and fight against all sexual predators meaning that includes you… female predator.

Knowing Who to Contact When You Are Injured.

Tweet ( While the majority of us will go throughout our lives without experiencing significant personal injury, and hopefully this isn’t something that you will have to experience yourself, it’s always a good idea to be fully prepared should something happen down the line. This is why it’s extremely important that you are fully aware of […]

Building Healthy Personal and Professional Relationships for Self-Improvement.

Tweet ( Self-improvement entails a keen analysis of your current situation. You want to learn from your past mistakes and actively correct yourself. You can achieve this objective by deliberately cultivating mutually beneficial relationships. You don’t expect to impress every person all the time. But strive to leave a pleasant taste in the mouth with each […]

Types of essential dog apparel.

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Tweet ( Each and everyone has their own choices when it comes to dog clothing. This can be determined in some instances by the dog itself. Some dogs prefer some clothes and this can be noted when they walk into a store and gaze or stop by the garments. They may also express dissatisfaction when they […]

I Was Wrong When I Said #MeToo and Here’s Why…

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Again: I was not and am not wrong for exposing predators and the acts they commit. And I am not afraid to do so, for I was born to do this. BUT…

Let Him Lead.

If you find, or have, the brother that can lead with strength and compassion…let him. You mind, spirit and health will thank you.

To Submit.

Submitting is hard work but if anyone can overcome it’s the black woman, the mother of civilization.

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