Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Top Tips to Get Your Office Looking Pristine.

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Tweet (ThySistas.com) When you are working from home, whether it be in your home business or just working on projects in a home office, there can be a tendency to leave a lot of clutter in there. An office should be a space where your creativity can thrive, it should be clean and tidy, and have […]

Getting to the Root of an Addiction.

Tweet (ThySistas.com) Have you ever wondered what drives someone to addiction? Addictions can develop due to a number of different circumstances and conditions, but there are generally many ways to get to the root of an addiction if you look at it the correct way. The signs of an addiction First, it’s important to identify the […]

How To Make Money From Home.

Tweet (ThySistas.com) If you’re looking to make a steady income and no longer want to work the job that you’re doing right now, then you may be thinking about working from home. But if you’ve never done it before, you will need to know the kind of jobs that are available to you. Essentially, it all […]

How to Get Your Partner to Break their Bad Habits.

Tweet (ThySistas.com) Love really is a wonderful thing, until your partner happens to do something that drives you absolutely mad. If you want to try and stop this from happening then it helps to work with them on their bad habits. Honest communication is crucial here because you don’t want to hurt them and you also […]

Cohabitation Gone Bad.

Doing this can save a relationship, or friendship. In having an in-depth discussion, you can find out if cohabitation is a wise decision.

We Need Safe Spaces.

It is important that we come together with sisters in our family, neighborhoods and cities to create safe spaces that will give us life.

The Sister is Your Natural Ally.

However, I learned to see a black woman for myself, and know that she and I have some common ground even if we don’t always agree.

I’ll Stick to Hotels.

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I’ve made up my mind. I will stick to hotels, family and friends. Airbnb lost a potential user…not because they did anything per se, etc…

Know When to Say Never.

Granted everything might not always pan out exactly how you plan, but you are taking control of your energy, and what you expect.

Kentucky Fashion and Their Cars.

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Tweet (ThySistas.com) There’s nothing more fashionably intriguing than Kentucky over the summer. This time of year brings people from out of state, the production of lively festivities, and mountain folk feeling the warmth of the sun after a harsh winter. From so many different backgrounds, everyone has their way of self-expression – shown through their unique […]

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