Monday, March 19, 2018

Love Requires Accountability.

It’s understandable that accountability won’t save every relationship as they can go up in spoke for no other reason then you are not compatible.

Be Happy for Her.

Don’t lose your relationship to people that genuinely love you, and your blessing, because you didn’t have the heart to be happy for her.

God Isn’t a Magician.

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Take the time to get to know him, observe his way, grow in relationship with him, and stand in faith while speaking life.

Protein: How to Incorporate it into Your Hair Routine.

Learn the building blocks to having great hair and make an effort to get the good stuff into your life. Try these out for size and see how they work for you.

Self-Love in 2018.

Do not feel entitled to give or do anything for anyone and do not expect to depend on others you should count on yourself more, etc….

Exploring the Unknown: New Life, New Adventure.

Growth is always a positive thing, a few months ago I went through a situation where I did not feel like I would be able to get over that hump.

Cardi B from Stripper to Superstar.

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Back in 2013, Cardi B began to gain lots of publicity due to her social media accounts going viral from videos and pictures of the young star.

The Best Musical Performers To See Live.

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Tweet ( What you might consider the best musical performer will all depend on what type of music you’re into. Don’t get us wrong, there are so really great performers out there, but at the same time there are some really terrible ones. When you’re spending your money on tickets for a concert of a performance, […]

Cut Off Sister Toxic.

You deserve to be loved, and cared for as much as you love and care. Free yourself from the selfishness while you can.

Siblings Shouldn’t Misuse Each Other.

Siblings should never be allowed to misuse each other, but to always cherish and support one another with reciprocity.

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