Sunday, May 20, 2018

Your Hearing Is So Important. But Why?

Tweet ( Let’s face it, we can all be guilty of taking advantage of our bodies at times. We put food in our mouth expecting to taste it, we open our mouths and expect to talk and have a conversation. We smell, we see and we also hear. But while we regularly check our eyes, and […]

Natual Ways To Reduce Your Feelings of Stress and Anxiety.

Tweet ( We can all feel a little overwhelmed at different times of our life. But if you find that the feeling never seems to go away, and you’re feeling anxious or stressed more often than not, then it could be time for an intervention. While speaking to your doctor can be the first port of […]

Must Have Travel Recipes When on the Road.

Tweet ( Traveling has its perquisites. Whether it’s camping, checking out cabins or going on bushwalks, the action is almost always in plenty. With all the energy that’s spent during the expeditions, it’s always recommended to have a healthy meal prepped ready to be on the roll. In the last year and a half, we’ve hosted […]

Make Your Fishing Trips More Enjoyable.

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Tweet ( Unlike other pastimes, fishing and hunting have become very popular over the years. Apparently, there are now close to sixty million fishermen and women engaging in angling on a regular basis in the United States. Of course, out of these, only about sixty percent have fishing licenses, and that’s because people under the age […]

Careers in Caring – People Taking Care of People.

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Tweet ( There is a job to suit every type of personality; sometimes it just takes a while to find it. When you are raising a family, taking care of everything at home, nurturing your relationships and growing as a person, you might not have even thought about what you might like to do when your […]

Your Work Shouldn’t Push You Beyond Your Limits.

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Tweet ( We’re taught to always market yourself as an individual and make sure you’re the one apple that did fall far from the tree. When applying for a job, this is the exact mentality you need to take so that the employer can see you’re different. That’s what being the best candidate is all about, […]

The Grand Boxes For The Proper Utilisation Of Resources.

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Tweet ( These days the Gaylord boxes are also great in terms of highlighting the name of the company. This has been made possible with eth technology of custom printing. CUSTOM PRINTED GAYLORD BOXES The Gaylord boxes are usually some of the best ones that can be used for a variety of purposes. There are about […]

The Dos And Don’ts Of Dreads.

Tweet ( Eager to give dreadlocks a go? Dreads have become hugely popular in recent years with everyone from Rihanna to Future sporting locs. There are so many diverse styles to play with half-up dreadlocks to mohawks to high buns. That said, dreads do take a lot of maintenance – its worth following a few rules […]

We Do Have an Effect on Black Men.

We have an effect on black men because we give birth to the boys that will one day be men, husbands and fathers. As mothers we can instill plenty

Your Self-Conversation is Important.

It may be difficult at first but developing a positive self-conversation will elevate you to new levels of self-love that can ward, etc…

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