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Can He Tell You the Truth.

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Example, when our women are arrested and beaten or killed, we need men to understand its just as important as when it happens to them. Well, domestic violence, rape, and many other kinds of abuse must be just as important when it happens to men. Your man needs to know he can trust you with his trust, just as you must be able to trust him with your truth. Allowing your relationship to be one sided in this area can cause resentment, and eventually the end of something that could have been beautiful.

Absence Makes Parent Love Grow Fonder?

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My parents were none of these traits, and I used to be upset about it. I felt like I was cheated out of a childhood that could have made me more productive.  However, their lack of parenting made me very attentive to those who effective. I want to emulate them when I become a parent. Yes, the absence of parental love makes my heart for effective parenting and growth stronger. 

Case #123456: Personal v. Business.

Your place in this courtroom is not by accident. It happened because you finally decided to give Business a limit on its influence over you. Do not allow your business side to keep you from enjoying who you are.  You have the most influence over the judge and jury because they are YOU. Choose boundaries. Know expectations. Experiment. Then, close that case so you can enjoy life.

The Anger in Marriage Struggle Is Real…but NOT Impossible.

Going to sleep in any emotional state is very difficult because sleep is a time for your mind to rest and reset. Do not cheat your body and mind out of time to improve.  Do not allow anger to cause a divide between a relationship that may be a great part of your life.  Anger in marriage is difficult, but it is not impossible to overcome.

Thicker Than Blood.

I fully understand that friendships and family relationships have their positives and negatives.  Each can have their emotional impact on you as a person.  Friendships, however, have the power to introduce you to great people; people you are willing to be open with and make sacrifices for.  Blood and water are both vital liquids to living.  Do not make the effort of sacrificing one for the other.

Talk to your Spouse: Emotional Cheating is Real.

Consider what you are doing, what you are jeopardizing, and how you would feel if you were in your spouses’ shoes. It may be time for you to put your spouse first, kill the cheating while you can. This might mean the end of that relationship with the outside person permanently, but you will need to be okay with that as your marriage is already on the line.

Why Do You Want Advice.

In many cases you don’t know what kind of challenges they’ve face that day, but they are there for you. Save yourself, and your friend the trouble; If you don’t really want advice let them know or call someone else that will agree with you no matter what.

Take the Time to Heal.

This pumping of the breaks is not because you are a terrible person. It should happen because you love yourself enough to tend to self-care, and you want to be fair to yourself, and whoever you choose to be with going forward.

Friend or FRIEND?

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That did not work. So, I had to work to build communication.  I had to be honest while crying and screaming.  I had to bow out of a lot of great opportunities out of respect for a friendship.  It was not easy at all, but I would not change any of it. The experiences helped me to realize that effective friendships take work, and they are not just simple buttons on a webpage.

He’s Still Your Baby.

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My father saw my sister and I, both married and mothers, as his babies until he passed. He wasn’t demonized for such…he loved my brother the same. Children, regardless of age, should experience their parents love for as long as life permits. They should know they will always be someone’s pride and joy…someone’s baby.

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