Sunday, July 22, 2018

Cohabitation Gone Bad.

Doing this can save a relationship, or friendship. In having an in-depth discussion, you can find out if cohabitation is a wise decision.

We Do Have an Effect on Black Men.

We have an effect on black men because we give birth to the boys that will one day be men, husbands and fathers. As mothers we can instill plenty

Think Before Embarking on Motherhood.

Remember when we become parents its out job to train up our children, pour goodness into them, and invest in them. That’s a career.

4 Ways to Lovingly Deal with Conflict within Friendships.

Dealing with conflict is really never fun but you have to understand that it is inevitable. There will come a time when you have, etc…

I Can’t Ignore Her Privilege.

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Know we aren’t the worst mothers in this country…and we have no privilege that would ever allow what this woman did to her kids.

4 Ways to Deal with a Toxic Friend Down on Their Luck.

People can be bitter and become toxic as a result of their circumstances and not even know it. If they are willing to hear what you have to say.

Our Babies Are Not Paychecks.

We know what they face in the oppressors of this country…we should not introduce them to oppression via their parents. Our children deserve more.

You Need Boundaries.

Granted setting boundaries, if there hasn’t been any, can be difficult especially if you are accustomed to prioritizing others over yourself.

I Stand with the Mothers.

Yes, we need to have serious intervention about the relationship between black men and women, and it needs to happen without bias, etc…

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.

When parents uphold children in their wrong doing, it makes them think that what they are doing is okay. And it is not.

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