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Address Inconsiderate Parents Not Parenthood.

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The issue is not parenthood so that in itself shouldn’t be under attacked. These are not easy conversations, and if they are not handled properly relationships could be stretched thin. With family in mind, and proper consideration take the time to speak in love and understand each other. Children need their parents, but they also need the love of their village.

I’d Rather be Alone.

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as I’m a grown woman last I checked. Of course, when I brought this to his attention, he tried to make me feel like I was mistaken as he would never say such a thing. On that note the relationship ended. As the old song says: “I’d rather be alone then be unhappy.” Relationships can be wonderful, but not at the expense of who you are as an individual, and free thinker.  Allowing the right person to come along is well worth the wait.

Anxiety and Impatience.

Anxiety can cause serious impatience that is unfair…and impatience you wouldn’t tolerate. Knowing this is important because it can help you make sure you aren’t mistreating the person you care about. There is nothing worse than feeling like the person you care about fights with you regularly and you don’t know how to convey to them that you are all in. If the person you are with is violating boundaries and treating you with disregard don’t let them use your anxiety against you as if your position is invalid because of your diagnosis. At the same time don’t allow your anxiety to dictate a level of control that is unfair and can become abusive. It is important to strive for fairness in all spaces.

Our Sons Deserve the Same Protection.

Allowing them to know you will fight for them just the same can be a start to raising boys and girls that respect each other equally and will stand for respectful behavior towards each other. This tells our sons we don’t expect you to take abuse just because it’s another boy so suck it up, or because it’s a girl and she doesn’t have to observe your boundaries. Fairness in how we handle our children may be a very important part of bettering relationships between men and women.

Make Sure He’s Over His Ex.

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The hurt you will incur makes it harder to move on to the love you deserve. It adds to the baggage you are already working on. I told myself I was hurt because this brother looked like he could be the one. The truth is I was angry because I knew I needed to back up, my intuition told me to slow down something about the time table wasn’t right…and I ignored it. Granted I don’t absolve his behavior, but I realize I could have avoided such. You don’t deserve to be a pit stop for someone to fill up on your goodness only to drive away headed to another destination.

Can He Tell You the Truth.

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Example, when our women are arrested and beaten or killed, we need men to understand its just as important as when it happens to them. Well, domestic violence, rape, and many other kinds of abuse must be just as important when it happens to men. Your man needs to know he can trust you with his trust, just as you must be able to trust him with your truth. Allowing your relationship to be one sided in this area can cause resentment, and eventually the end of something that could have been beautiful.

Absence Makes Parent Love Grow Fonder?

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My parents were none of these traits, and I used to be upset about it. I felt like I was cheated out of a childhood that could have made me more productive.  However, their lack of parenting made me very attentive to those who effective. I want to emulate them when I become a parent. Yes, the absence of parental love makes my heart for effective parenting and growth stronger. 

Case #123456: Personal v. Business.

Your place in this courtroom is not by accident. It happened because you finally decided to give Business a limit on its influence over you. Do not allow your business side to keep you from enjoying who you are.  You have the most influence over the judge and jury because they are YOU. Choose boundaries. Know expectations. Experiment. Then, close that case so you can enjoy life.

The Anger in Marriage Struggle Is Real…but NOT Impossible.

Going to sleep in any emotional state is very difficult because sleep is a time for your mind to rest and reset. Do not cheat your body and mind out of time to improve.  Do not allow anger to cause a divide between a relationship that may be a great part of your life.  Anger in marriage is difficult, but it is not impossible to overcome.

Thicker Than Blood.

I fully understand that friendships and family relationships have their positives and negatives.  Each can have their emotional impact on you as a person.  Friendships, however, have the power to introduce you to great people; people you are willing to be open with and make sacrifices for.  Blood and water are both vital liquids to living.  Do not make the effort of sacrificing one for the other.

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