Monday, August 26, 2019

Your Parents Possibly Shapes Who You Date/Marry.

No matter who your parents are/were in your life, you still deserve to be happy and you most definitely deserved to be loved.  Take a hard look at your parent’s characteristics and see if you are dating or married to someone who is very similar to them.

If He Can’t Why Should You.

We must make sure we are not walking around broken from past situations, and harboring feelings that cause us not to trust those that have never given us a reason to suspect them. We can’t weaponize our situations and expect things to be okay. In this space we become toxic, and possibly abusive. We owe ourselves and partner better.

5 Ways That Friendships Change After 30.

Fast forward to adulthood, I’m talking age 30 plus. That BFF who you spent all of your days with and all of your nights on the phone with during what felt like were the most critical years of your life is now married with children, lives 9 states away and works 52 hours per week. As for you, you have 4 jobs, a side hustle, a dog, a significant other 6 seasons of 5 shows in cue between Netflix and Hulu.

Ways that My Parents Influenced My Adult Behaviors.

When you have a moment, ask yourself, how has your parent’s influence your adult behaviors?  Answer this question regardless if you had an absentee parent or if your parents eventually divorced.  Really look deep into your past childhood and assess why you do the things that you do now as an adult, this activity will be life changing for you if you really put some thought into it.

Every Black Man is Not Enchanted by White Women.

White women need to understand all of our men are not chasing you…as we aren’t chasing all of your men. Those couples that love deeply, regardless of race, let them do so in peace. As for everyone else its time to live in the truth that there are women, other than white women, that are worth loving.

3 Important Things To Remember During A Child Custody Hearing.

Tweet ( The breakdown of a marriage is always a difficult situation but it’s so much harder if there are children involved. In some cases, you might both agree on who should have custody of the children but if both parents believe that they should have custody, things get more difficult. In most cases, you’ll […]

How to Make New Quality Friends.

Making new quality friends is a joy if you simply enjoy the process and organically connect with people.  Get out of your comfort zones and go out in this big beautiful world and make some new friends!  Walter Winchell says that, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

Many of Us Have Amazing Fathers.

Let’s return the favor today by killing the negativity on Father’s Day. It’s time we dispel that myth that black fathers don’t exist. They are everywhere loving their children, providing for their family, and working along side black women to fight for our communities. Take the time to uplift, and encourage black fathers as they continue to impact the lives of their children, and all of our children.

Encourage Brothers on Fathers’ Day.

Single fathers can never be a childs mother no matter how hard he tries, all he can do is be the best parent he can to that child.  In like manner single mothers can never be a childs father…allow fathers their set aside time to be properly celebrated. Encourage a father this month, and let him know we see him…and we celebrate him for everything he is to his children and many more.

Friendships Can’t Be One Sided.

Friendships are valuable and should be treated as such.  If your friendship that you currently have is one sided, first speak to that friend about your feelings and give them the opportunity to make changes before you completely dissolve that friendship, because friendships involve at minimum two people and can’t be one sided.

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