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Allow the Vulnerable to be Seen.

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Take the time to open up about struggles you face when trying to help move your family forward. Doing this will not diminish your value nor strength in their eyes. It will allow them to see how hard you push past you to stand with them. Just as you want your family to know they don’t have to be perfect, you must show them the same thing in kind. This can help save relationships, and keep the peace.

Thicker Than Blood.

I fully understand that friendships and family relationships have their positives and negatives.  Each can have their emotional impact on you as a person.  Friendships, however, have the power to introduce you to great people; people you are willing to be open with and make sacrifices for.  Blood and water are both vital liquids to living.  Do not make the effort of sacrificing one for the other.

Talk to your Spouse: Emotional Cheating is Real.

Consider what you are doing, what you are jeopardizing, and how you would feel if you were in your spouses’ shoes. It may be time for you to put your spouse first, kill the cheating while you can. This might mean the end of that relationship with the outside person permanently, but you will need to be okay with that as your marriage is already on the line.

Why Do You Want Advice.

In many cases you don’t know what kind of challenges they’ve face that day, but they are there for you. Save yourself, and your friend the trouble; If you don’t really want advice let them know or call someone else that will agree with you no matter what.

Can We Handle God’s Answer.

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It’s important to remember God is not us…he’s not human. We can’t deal with him in the manner we deal with people because we could never be on his level.  Disappointment, discouragement, and plain tired is understandable and we are entitled to our feelings. Just make sure you are ready for God’s answer before questioning him as the sole purpose for every delay, and issue in your life.

Take the Time to Heal.

This pumping of the breaks is not because you are a terrible person. It should happen because you love yourself enough to tend to self-care, and you want to be fair to yourself, and whoever you choose to be with going forward.

Stop Accepting the Gift of Guilt.

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We learned as kids that every choice has a consequence. It can be amazing. It can be detrimental.  It is our job to accept the consequence with the choice.  Guilt is an emotion that will have you believing you are the WORST person in the world. You are not.  You are a great and valuable person to this world regardless of your choices.  NEVER let anyone force you to be guilty about choosing you. That is a gift you can live without.

Am I My Hair.

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Some sistas are forced to this position as a result of health issues and medication, but they can embrace it boldly and redefine the look. The “I am Not My Hair” position is not wanting to be defined as a woman by one’s hair. I find that today hair is being defined by the woman and it is a part of you being.

Pain Can Be a Drug.

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This may require new surroundings, a strong spiritual lifestyle, learning to value yourself, and distancing yourself from negative people that dump on and tear you down. This may include some family members, but remember your healing but more important. Pain may be a drug in your life, but you don’t have to accept it nor live addicted to it. Take the step towards freedom, and the happiness you deserve.

Friend or FRIEND?

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That did not work. So, I had to work to build communication.  I had to be honest while crying and screaming.  I had to bow out of a lot of great opportunities out of respect for a friendship.  It was not easy at all, but I would not change any of it. The experiences helped me to realize that effective friendships take work, and they are not just simple buttons on a webpage.

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