Sunday, July 22, 2018

Get Out of the Emotional Affair.

Don’t fall into the trap of baring your soul to a person that is supposed to be committed to another.

Maintaining life on a $200 budget?

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Spending smart is always better that way you have something to save and store for a time when we need it most.

My Hair Story.

Throughout this hair journey of frying and trying, my hair remained healthy. But then I discovered my mom’s 1977 prom picture. She had an afro.

Wife is Not Weak.

Every marriage has challenges because life is challenging, but it doesn’t make you weak. You can be a wife, and be yourself if that is the path.

Losing My Space.

This is a necessary part of self care, because when you understand your space you can go into a bathroom stall if necessary and being yourself.

Fatal Shooting & Ongoing Tragedies on Savannah States Campus & Beyond.

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Thy brothers and thy sisters have to come together and stick together learn to put our pride aside and give credit where it is due whatever is for you will always be for you!

Do You Know What You Want.

You’ll never know if you have the right partner if you don’t invest the time to know what you want, and need.

Books Became My Escape.

Many of us know, or knew, someone on Valium, Zoloft or other depression and anxiety medications.

Hair on Credit?

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Excluding the sisters that are dealing with hair loss for various health reasons, you might have to learn how to deal with the hair, etc….

Results you need: what matters most in an injury case is peace of mind.

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Tweet ( In a very short time, a negligent medical provider, a reckless driver, construction accidents, or any other form of personal injury can change the course of your life or of a family member. And yes, you cannot wipe out the pain and suffering caused by the responsible party. Your lifestyle will have been affected. […]

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