Monday, March 19, 2018

Anger Doesn’t Excuse Disrespect.

No one in our relationship should practice disrespect…even when they are angry. If men must learn self-control, we must do the same.

How Technology Is Continuing To Reshape Politics.

Tweet ( We’re living in a world that is ever in flux. Close your eyes for a minute, and something will have changed when you open them again! This is due, in part, to technology, which is changing just about everything about modern life, from our homes to how we work and yes, of course, to […]

When It’s Not Victim Shaming.

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Those that victim shame ought to be ashamed of themselves, but there are some that just want you to be safe…they aren’t shaming, etc….

Bury Your Past.

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You may always carry scars, but you don’t have to remain bound to the past that caused them. Give yourself the opportunity, etc….

Protective Hairstyles for Winter: Yarn Braids and Yarn Twists.

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With yarn braids, all those options are yours for the taking. My favorite thing about yarn braids is that they coat the hair like a sweater, etc.

Avoid Dangerous Holiday Spending.

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You may find that your holiday saving accommodates all of the spending without you having to go into your paychecks during that time.

Petty Can Damage a Relationship.

December 19, 2017 by  
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Just as we don’t want to deal with a petty man…he doesn’t want to deal with a petty you. Let’s grow up, and stay grown, by leaving the petty,etc.

Bullycide Victim Ashawnty Davis Family Needs Help with Funeral.

The family has a GoFUND Me page for those who are able to assist financially for Ashawnty Davis funeral arrangements.

The Importance of Voicing Your Political Opinion.

December 17, 2017 by  
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Tweet ( As people, we live in societies where we supposedly work towards ensuring that everyone is treated equally. The democratic systems that we operate in ensure that the will of the majority is always favoured. Now, democracy is brilliant. But it also assumes that the majority of people are fair, empathetic, and concerned for the […]

Remember Your Sisters this Season.

Without these women there is no telling what state I’d be in. You can make a difference to the women in your circle that are hurting this season.

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