Tuesday, August 4, 2020

An Education Change Is Gonna…Wait. It’s Here.

It is funny how Sam Cooke’s lyrics can apply to the current education system.  State and Federal education agencies do not want to collaborate.  Online education companies are knocking other companies’ down just for financial compensation.  Parents are running trying to find out ways to help their children keep the fire of knowledge lit in these despairing times.  It is possible for all of us to get over the bridge together and have policies in place that can help us operate long after Coronavirus has a cure.  The change is not coming. It is here. We need to figure out a plan before we are on our knees.

The 25%: Let the Rain Fall.

I always knew that Loose Ends was just talking about love and what happens when I get to difficult times. Then, I realized this song is about any aspect of life when I encounter hardships.  The song hits completely different when you can apply it to your life.  It is not something I am willing to admit, but I have no choice but to do so.

A Journal Can Save Your Life.

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A text message conversation turned into an argument with one of my friends.  My blood pressure started to rise. My face felt hot and red.  I was ready to be done with this person.  I stopped texting them and went to my journal.  I wrote down how I felt and realized that the argument was actually my fault.  I gave myself 24 hours to figure out what I wanted to say. Afterward, I called the friend the next day to explain what I actually meant.  We discussed it and apologized to each other for our parts in the misunderstanding. At that moment, journaling saved an actual relationship.

Finally, Black Women. Some Harmony!

The rest of us work,  wrap our hair every night, and send texts of affirmation to our friends before going to sleep.  We love each other despite our faults. On May 9, 2020, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott made an incredible statement.  They taught the world that black women are not just our anger. We are our voices. We are our beauty. We are our children.  We are each other.  Society, social media, and entertainment will brainwash you into believing we are better separated.  No, we are not.  We can be ourselves, and we can do it with each other.  So, right on Jilly from Philly & Ms. Badu. Right on.

Malcolm X Started Me on the Quest for Humanity.

It’s not simply color, or lack thereof, that white people see…the problem is they don’t acknowledge what they see is a human being. This may seem off to some because we tend to be able to accept that in this world bad people do bad things to people. However, even in those situations the humanity as in physical state of being is usually never the issue. For black people in America it I’ve come to believe it is the primary issue; it is at the root of the war we are fighting. I have Malcolm X to thank for putting me, through his work, on the road to that understanding.

Staying Home Has Been A Great Lesson.

May of us know how to manage the schedules of home and work, but far to often we do so by not being in any particular space 100%. It can become difficult to care for self, family, and relationships completely so there are parts of us scattered everywhere. Think about it, our jobs and careers may change but for the most part family is constant. In the daily juggling act, sometimes family gets the least amount of energy and goodness from us. We are so busy having to give the world our best form just to survive, the tired, frustrated, attitude, disregard, and shortage of patience can show itself in the one place that needs our love spirit.

Stop Giving Stupidity Ammunition.

At the same time, we have to stop thinking that “sharing is caring”.  I know many childhood shows encouraged us to do this so we could think of more than ourselves, but sometimes we take it too far. We all know one person that would take Trump’s statement to heart. We all know someone who turn it into a joke. We all know a person whose hate for government is more than their love for society. Since we know people like this, we know that this information in their hands is not productive.  Common sense should tell you that some things do not need to be repeated.  It is giving stupidity a chance to run amuck more than it already is. 

Yes, Biden Has My Vote.

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However, I know I will contribute my vote to the cause of ending this current administration. Think about it, the leader of this nation has yet to truly talk to the nation about what we are facing. He hasn’t offered comforting words. Some of us would rather listen to just about any other person except the sitting president. There was not enough compassion in this man to address the fear of his people. He is devoid of leadership…I’ll take my chances into Biden.

What You Can Do to Stay Motivated.

Many successful people in life are where they are now because a lack of motivation was simply  not a good enough reason for them to not accomplish their goals in life.  You have to know and understand the root cause of your lack of motivation, you have to figure out how to address it and deal with it so that you can get the job done.  Take a break from whatever it is, go for a walk, get proper rest and stay motivated throughout the process.

Organization To The Rescue!

Jobs that give you flexibility are also job where we have the most control. Control? At a job? You?  It appears scary, but your form of operation can tell you a lot about how you need to organize.  Some of you work non-stop for lengthy periods of time, and then stop.  These people probably need things organized into big groups.  Some of you work, and then you take a break.  This means you probably like organization that is in pieces to create a whole.  Think about how you work, and let it help you decide what organization is best for you.

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