Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Don’t Judge: Everything Has a Price.

We should support our sisters when they have challenges in their new spaces as they would do the same for us. You time will come, but know that even you will pay a price and you’ll want someone to be there for you. Give the support you receive. Let’s stop judging each in the area of whether, or not, we are grateful and uplift each other in challenging times.

Progress Over Perfection.

Progress means, in the verb aspect of the word, move forward or onward in space or time.  I like this definition because you have several options to help you arrive at your destination than trying to be perfect at something.  Making progress opens up space for you to move about within your own time.  Perfection would have you believing that you must arrive by a certain deadline.

Hospital Advocates Don’t Work for You.

They can send a clear message to hospital staff that you don’t plan on settling for mistreatment, and you need your questions regarding your health addressed. This is another area where by we must look out for ourselves as the hospital will not always work in our best interest.

Be Fearless.

The moment you allow fear to be the driver of your life, it will take you longer to arrive at the beautiful destination that your heart desires.  Don’t allow other people to place their fears onto you either in the form of being naysayers.  You know the vision that you have, you know what is best for you, you know that you are wonderfully made and by now, I hope you know that you are fearless. 

If He Can’t Why Should You.

We must make sure we are not walking around broken from past situations, and harboring feelings that cause us not to trust those that have never given us a reason to suspect them. We can’t weaponize our situations and expect things to be okay. In this space we become toxic, and possibly abusive. We owe ourselves and partner better.

Begin again, but don’t quit!

You can begin something again that didn’t work out the first time but don’t quit.  Quitting is associated with fear and you will miss so many opportunities operating out of fear.  Set goals in your business and if you see that the goals you set are not working out, begin again, but don’t quit.

4 Side Hustles You Can Do from Home.

No matter what your passion is, you can make a side hustle from it and with the money you earn from it, you can do as you please.  You can take vacations more, pay down your debt, put it all in savings or whatever you chose to do with it.  There is no stability in having only one stream of income.  That is also not how you will ever build wealth.  Get your side hustle on from home.

“Don’t Put That on Jesus”: The Wrongful Justification of Hatred with Christianity.

Instead, use your Christian beliefs as valuable and solid evidence to your argument or opinion.  If you cannot do so, leave Christianity out of your problematic perspective. It already has enough on its plate.

The Pandora’s Box Issa Opened.

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I felt like I had to be something that I was not, and I was not happy about that.  Now, I realized that being weird is a beautiful thing. I add value to this world. I add culture to this world. I add awesomeness.  So thank you, Issa, for opening Pandora’s Box.  We promise we will make weird beautiful.

5 Ways That Friendships Change After 30.

Fast forward to adulthood, I’m talking age 30 plus. That BFF who you spent all of your days with and all of your nights on the phone with during what felt like were the most critical years of your life is now married with children, lives 9 states away and works 52 hours per week. As for you, you have 4 jobs, a side hustle, a dog, a significant other 6 seasons of 5 shows in cue between Netflix and Hulu.

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