Thursday, March 21, 2019

Beginner’s Guide to Life After the Engagement Is Called OFF.

Your ex-finance I’m sure, is not sitting around sobbing uncontrollably or starving themselves, so why should you?

5 Tips for Dating Someone Who Makes Less Money Than You.

Humble yourself because you never know, one day your partner can make more money than you someday and will remember how you treated them. Don’t put off discussing money issues and concerns with your partner, it won’t get better, it will definitely get worse.

Encourage the Education.

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When our children look back, they will be able to see that mom, and dad, played a vital role in their love of learning, their academic prowess, and it is something they will pass on to their children. There is nothing wrong with the many different career options our children may desire, including sports, however we want them to be able to go in whatever direction they choose because their mind can get them there.

How Can We Keep Our Children Well.

Take the time to evaluate what they are doing on a regular basis so you would know where the adjustments need to be made. It is had to watch children suffer with illness so wellness must be a priority.

What the Book of Nehemiah Teaches on Entrepreneurship.

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Takes these tips that I’ve learned from the book of Nehemiah and apply them to your business or brand, as needed.

Tips to Work for Your 9a-5p AND Your Side Hustle.

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You can always search ways to monetize your passions online if you are unsure of what you want to do.  Don’t forget to put money back into your side hustle to help you continue to generate an income from it, don’t spend it all in one place.    

Five Tips to Stay Organized this Spring.

Once it becomes a habit, staying organized will become a part of your life style.  Create a method that works best for you and enforce that method of staying organized, in your everyday life. 

Put You on Your Schedule.

The next time you are getting putting your day, or week, in order remember that you are just as important as everything else on that list so pencil yourself in.

3 Important Qualities Every Woman Should Have.

Have your own money, goals, career and friends separate from your partner, to avoid becoming dependent on them, which is a major turn-off eventually.

Conversing with a White Woman About Black Face.

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I will continue to enjoy the Zulu parade, and I will continue to stay away from Rex. We won’t have our carnival season determined by those that live outside the culture of our city.

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