Tuesday, July 17, 2018

God is Not Responsible.

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You very well may not be able to save him, ad if you as where was God, he was there every time you saw the red flag.

Turn the Drama Off.

Ridding your life of drama will allow you to breathe easier while showing your daughters how to command their life while having positive, etc.

Put the Phone on Silent.

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Walk away from that phone and all that comes with it and re-energize self. You will be glad you took care of you, and your family will thank you also.

Get Out of Your Own Way.

You can overcome any obstacle placed in your path, but its debilitating when the obstacle is you.

Let Love Live.

Thing is sisters many of us don’t understand that men and women truly are different. We don’t want to pay for the past…

Is Dance Age Appropriate.

July 10, 2018 by  
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Everything is not merely entertainment, and our children should not be exploited for such. Dance is beautiful, but for me “Bring It” was disturbing.

Get Out of the Emotional Affair.

Don’t fall into the trap of baring your soul to a person that is supposed to be committed to another.

Maintaining life on a $200 budget?

June 29, 2018 by  
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Spending smart is always better that way you have something to save and store for a time when we need it most.

My Hair Story.

Throughout this hair journey of frying and trying, my hair remained healthy. But then I discovered my mom’s 1977 prom picture. She had an afro.

Wife is Not Weak.

Every marriage has challenges because life is challenging, but it doesn’t make you weak. You can be a wife, and be yourself if that is the path.

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