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Many Parents are Not Complaining.

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Parents, teachers and administrators will have to find a way to exist in a harmonious balance for the sake of our children.

Stop Asking for Advice.

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Seeking advice when you are able to receive means you can hear what the sista is saying clearly without the misinterpretation. You can see the solution options…you are open.

Types of Guys You Should Avoid Dating.

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A relationship isn’t always about butterflies and rainbows. You will have to go through some misunderstandings and struggles. Surely you will need to be patient to make your relationship work, but a hot-headed guy who is easily tempered even with petty issues will make a relationship toxic. Observe how he reacts with little inconveniences when you are with him. If you saw him getting mad at little things, that should be a big red flag. Choose a person who is responsive rather than reactive and someone who remains calm in every situation. 

Pantry Snacks You Can Prepare When You’re Lazy.

During the pandemic, a lot of people are forced to stay at home. Being at home means having to prepare your own food. But unless you are really passionate about cooking, preparing food might be a burden. However, opting for a pizza delivery might not be the healthiest solution. So if you’re hungry but a bit lazy, here are some pantry snacks you can prepare at home:

Staying Sane During the “Black Lives Matter” Movement.

July 17, 2020 by  
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Repetition for retention is a great tool to help people remember important events and matters.  Political movements like “Black Lives Matter” are not going away anytime soon.  Do not let the search for justice make you go crazy.  You are no help to anyone if you are physically sick or mentally checked out. Know that it is ok to have your stance and to have your peace of mind. Oh…and the 66 books of the bible.

Black Women Come Together.

If we don’t want to feed the unhuman narrative of the “Overly Strong Black Woman” let’s start with simply tending to our own house. No one is saying don’t care; however, we are in a serious war with our nation and this battle gets more furious by the day. We are dying in the streets and hanging from trees. We must be about the needs of our community and people. Black lives mattering and staying alive must be our chief priority.

Black Fathers Cry in the Dark.

My father deeply feared getting a phone call that something had happened to one of his children. You see he would have gladly killed for us without any thought of consequence. One day he got that dreaded call. Thank God the call was not fatal, but his son has been assaulted by racists…he had been beaten. My father cried, he was afraid, his health did not allow him to jump on a plane. He didn’t want to eat, and he could not sleep. He was in unspeakable anguish from the depths of his soul…and as hurt and enraged as my mother was she was praying the sheer rage seething in my father’s chest would not cause him to have a heart attack or stroke. Some of us have listened to the wailing of black men in ways that have torn our soul into pieces. Some of us have sat with them as they broke down over the loss of their children…children they lost in numerous ways. Once they left that small space, they had to bottle it up, because outside of a few souls all consideration for grief reserved for the mother.

A Letter to My Sons.

This may be the first of many letters, as you are but little boys right now. Just know that no matter what this world tells you there is love here for you. You belong to a family, and a community that values everything you are. You are the legacy of strong, intelligent, loving, protective, wise black men. We will do all we can to raise you to live and survive. Along this road called like remember you, little black boys, are never alone. As my father once taught me, if you find yourself in a situation do what you can to make it home. There is nothing that you can’t bring home. We will put our heads together a figure out the best course of action. Your goal is always…to make it home son.

Self-Love Must become the Stronger Love.

During this time, we’ve spent quarantined many of us have had to come to terms with the truth that we are not loving self well. Many of us are seeing all the cracks in some relationships while the ground has completely fallen out of others. It is okay to mourn the loss of these relationships, but you must love yourself more than the pain you initially feel. For your peace, health and ability to move forward in a progressive space it is important for self-love to be your strongest love. All of those dear to you will benefit from you taking care of yourself.

Kindness Can Save a Life.

If you see someone suffering and you have the power to help, even if it’s small, why wouldn’t you? Your moment of kindness is seeing someone. Giving kindness could be the difference between someone committing suicide and living. It could also be the difference between someone deciding there is still hope for peace, and someone deciding maybe the world should burn. Consider kindness in the journey of understanding and re-claiming humanity.

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