Monday, June 18, 2018

Get You And Your Family Back In The Driver’s Seat After An Accident!

Tweet ( A car accident is always an incredibly traumatic and difficult situation to deal with. One that is only made worse if it’s something that your family has to go through. As an adult, being in an accident is enough to shake you to your very core, but for your kids, it can be one […]

Three Things to Help Your Work-Life Balance.

Tweet ( Getting a great work-life balance can seem like something that just is never going to happen. Either we are at work, or working from home and wondering if we are missing out on some time we could be spending with family or friends, or we might be with family and friends wondering if we […]

About Letting the Baby Cry.

This could be the beginning of raising a child that understand patience, and that yelling kicking and screaming, etc…

Yes, It Could be Worse.

In this space you can mistreat the sisters in your circle, family, and even your babies because nothing is worse than how you feel.

Be Careful with Wax This Summer.

If you have never waxed do you do diligence as far as knowing where you are going, making sure it’s a sanitary environment, communicating, etc.

Can’t Work, But Can’t Afford To Take Sick Leave?

Tweet ( For many people who are ill, taking the choice to not go into work can be a difficult decision to make. Not all companies in America offer paid sick leave and those that do may only pay a small amount of compensation. Some people may choose to try and continue work and fight through […]

Hit the Reset Button.

Unplug yourself from everything pulling from you long enough to hit the needed re-set. Self-care and love begins with you…replenish, etc…

They Chose Wellness.

All you can do is love them and understand that those that backed away had to choose wellness…it was not love loss.

Self-Care in 5 Minutes.

I guarantee, once you put yourself first, and take some time out of your day, just for you, you will live a more peaceful and abundant life, etc.

You Can’t Fix Everyone.

Guarding your heart and energy is not a crime or a selfish act…it is one of self-care. You must realize you can’t fix everyone, etc….

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