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Everyday Activities that will Improve Your Mental Health.

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Tweet ( A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. We must prioritize our own mental health in order to experience greater success, more friendships, stronger relationships, and promote vitality, says Dorian Crawford, PsyD. We must understand what is going on inside of us. If we do not take care of ourselves, that […]

How To Save Money On Medical Care.

Tweet ( Everyone should be entitled to medical treatment regardless of how much money they have in their pocket. Whilst medical treatment can often be expensive, there are many ways of bringing down the price. Here are a few ways to lower your medical bills. Shop around for health insurance deals Everyone should aim to have […]

Execution over Excuses.

Tweet ( Many of us can relate to the practice of doing entirely too much talking, and not enough working. We can also agree that procrastination is detrimental. Thinking about the time you’ve wasted on reaching your goal can be very disheartening. It’s like “Wow I really let valuable time pass by.” What were you doing […]

Killing Our Bridge to Abuse.

Tweet ( She was brought up in a home radiant with love. She was brought up to know she was beautiful, and cherished. As this princess came into herself she was respectful, confident, loyal and physically beautiful. With all she had become this gem carried a very painful secret. She never told a soul she was […]

Getting Back Into Fitness: Cares & Concerns.

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Tweet ( It is always great news when you decide to get back into your old fitness regime and change your ways. If you feel you have recently become particularly out of shape, then you might well be extra keen to do so. It can be a daunting time, however, and there is always that niggling […]

How to Make Further Education Work in Your Lifestyle.

Tweet ( Further education is a way to improve your life and learn new skills later in life. However, for many people, it’s a daunting prospect and there are a couple of factors that contribute to this: You might feel like you don’t have enough time between all of your other commitments You might be worried […]

Four Ways that Forgiveness is Power.

Tweet ( This world can be a tough place. Sometimes the weight of everything you go through can make you feel worthless. It can make you question a lot of things. While we all do stuff that causes pain and unnecessary hardships to ourselves, sometimes other people are the source of your hurt. As such, […]

3 Ways to Drop a Few Pounds.

Tweet ( Most people want to lose weight, sadly few people want to change their lifestyle and the way the eat. We live in a microwave society where everyone wants quick results. We spend hundreds on diet pills, diet drinks, and garments to suck in our waist. We flood into the gym every January and February […]

Playing the Victim is Selfish.

Tweet ( In this life on thing is certain…we all experience pain. The depths of pain may vary for each person, but that menace is ever present. At some point, many of us will fall victim to some degree of sorrow that is beyond our control. It is very important to understand that the space called […]

4 Health Problems African-American Women Face.

Tweet ( Being a African-American women in today’s society definitely comes with its share of struggles but let me begin by saying I would not change the essence of who we are as magical black women for anything. Still, it is unfortunate that black women are plagued disproportionately with higher incidences or mortality rates for various […]

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