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Understanding UHV Design.

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Tweet ( UHV design is not without its challenges, and the importance of sourcing the correct components and using the right pumping procedures cannot be overlooked. But first, let’s explain what ultra-high vacuum, otherwise known as UHV, is; this is a vacuum regime that is characterized by pressures that are less than approximately 10−7 pascal. […]

Here’s how You Get through Tough Times without Stress.

Tweet ( If you are going through tough times, then you’ll know that sometimes it can put you under a lot of stress. If you want to try and help yourself to get through it all then this guide will help you out. Acknowledge your Feelings If you avoid listening to your negative emotions then […]

Stop Asking for Advice.

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Seeking advice when you are able to receive means you can hear what the sista is saying clearly without the misinterpretation. You can see the solution options…you are open.

Not wearing your prescription glasses?

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Tweet ( Wearing glasses is now trendier and more prevalent than ever. Despite this, thousands of us that need glasses don’t wear them. Some of us never get an eye test, preferring to squint and hold our phone at arm’s length. Others go through the entire process of getting a prescription – but then never […]

Pantry Snacks You Can Prepare When You’re Lazy.

During the pandemic, a lot of people are forced to stay at home. Being at home means having to prepare your own food. But unless you are really passionate about cooking, preparing food might be a burden. However, opting for a pizza delivery might not be the healthiest solution. So if you’re hungry but a bit lazy, here are some pantry snacks you can prepare at home:

How to Choose the Right Residential Care Home for a Family Member.

Tweet ( If you want to do the right thing for an elderly relative, that sometimes means finding a residential care home where they can live and get the care they need. It’s a taboo subject for many because they don’t like the idea of putting a relative in a care home, but it’s often […]

When Breast Isn’t Best – 5 Signs That Breastfeeding May Not Work For You.

Tweet ( Breastfeeding is a natural bonding process between a mother and her baby, and most people assume that a holistic, natural mum is one who breastfeeds to nourish her child. However, nursing doesn’t always come naturally or easily.  The reason that mums often consult doulas, lactation nurses, and attend breastfeeding classes is because breastfeeding […]

Exercise Smart, Exercise Fun.

Tweet ( We all know we should exercise, right? It’s been drummed into us for years, and everyone knows why it’s important to stay fit. Exercising won’t just help you lose weight, it will keep your body working and improve your general health, lifespan, and quality of life. Except… it isn’t that simple. There are […]

A Letter to My Sons.

This may be the first of many letters, as you are but little boys right now. Just know that no matter what this world tells you there is love here for you. You belong to a family, and a community that values everything you are. You are the legacy of strong, intelligent, loving, protective, wise black men. We will do all we can to raise you to live and survive. Along this road called like remember you, little black boys, are never alone. As my father once taught me, if you find yourself in a situation do what you can to make it home. There is nothing that you can’t bring home. We will put our heads together a figure out the best course of action. Your goal is always…to make it home son.

3 Tips for Being More Autonomous at Home.

Tweet ( Before the global COVID-19 pandemic that took the world completely by surprise in 2020, the idea that millions of people could suddenly end up being confined to their homes for months at a stretch didn’t seem very likely. Since the pandemic has hit and quarantine has gone into effect, however, many of us […]

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