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Long Live the Mamba Mentality.

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If doesn’t matter where you come from, your race, gender, religion, or anything else…the mentality is yours for the taking. If Kobe Bryant had an effect on your life in any way…allow one of his greatest assets to become your teacher. Never see your dream as something you don’t deserve or can’t attain. We should all rise up from the depths of our grief knowing that Bryant left us something that can’t be taken away once we choose to grasp such. Many of us have been inspired “not to waste another year of your life”. Long live the #MambaMentality.

Don’t Let Fear Stop Your Progress.

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It is very understandable that some areas where fear reside is harder to face and overcome. However, it’s not impossible. Remember you owe it to yourself to have the life you want. Don’t let fear stop you from living your best life in all areas. Those spaces that require healing may take a bit longer, but even the fears you may think are beyond your reach can be eliminated. When you are ready you can start the process of living without fear. You will find that in that space you are more confident, your peace is greater, and you experience more success. Failure is a part of life as sure as we are not good at everything initially, but failure can give us the opportunity to learn and improve. Don’t let anything, fear included, get between you and the life you deserve.

Don’t Silence My Challenges.

We should be able to pray for our village regardless of circumstance and lift them up in their times of need. This is what we need from others, so reciprocity is necessary. I’ve taken the stance, don’t silence my challenges. Whereas I was once silent about it I speak to the matter now, and I’m sensitive not to commit that transgression against anyone else. How we treat people has a hand in how our life flows. One can’t sow disregard and ugly while expecting to real goodness, support and wealth.

How Stress Can Affect Our Bodies.

Tweet ( If we work in a corporate job or a job that is high pressure, we may find ourselves dealing with anxiety and other health issues. Picture the scenario. You are at work at your job, your IT systems are not cooperating after a recent minor cyber attack and your boss has asked you […]

Having A Girls’ Get-Together.

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Tweet ( Having a girls’ night out or night in is always a fun time to look forward to. It can be a great stress reliever from work, kids, and other things going on in your personal life. Movies, snacks, and gossip are a few of several things that you can do to relax and […]

Working Through Depression.

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There is no right or wrong way to handle depression, but acknowledging its presence is a start. It’s important to have a strong support system that can help move you through the day when you feel things spiraling. Jobs are not always kind to those dealing with mental illness. It seems co-worker’s kind the triggers and trip them on purpose which makes the work environment combative for the person trying to function with depression. Having that person you can call, or text is always a help. Never let someone make you feel you are lazy, inadequate, or subpar because you are battling with depression. This doesn’t make you weak. Everyone has something they must work through and depression is just you challenge to overcome. You are a work in progress as is every person on this planet.

Stop Moving on Without Healing.

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Healing is a wonderful thing, but it requires patience and it will not be an easy path. Facing the things that harm us is not easy. Removing the power hurtful people have in our life is difficult as some of them are people we love. However, no matter the difficulty we must make healing a priority. We can’t keep moving without it because in that space moving forward is a delusion as we are going nowhere fast. Trying to move without healing just guarantees we are going to hurt ourselves…and possibly someone else.

Teach Your Son.

ALL of our children are precious gifts from the Creator. They all deserve love, peace, protection, and rearing. They must all be taught respect, value, proper interaction with another human being, how to work through trauma in a productive way….and to keep THEIR ands to themselves. Let’s stop making this a one sided argument and keep the same level of expectation and standards for our beautiful little girls and boys so that they become the strength of a people together.

My Anxiety Requires Cleaning.

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Talking to a therapist can also help you identify the root of your anxiety which will determine what activities help you cope and survive the day. More days than not my home looks like I might have OCD because I find myself cleaning what has already been cleaned. However, I am learning to give myself the grace I give others and that’s okay. if you live with anxiety what are some things you have found to help you get through the day?

If She Doesn’t Hear You Walk Away.

Of course, you want to communicate in a manner that isn’t hard or off putting. You can even understand a bit of confusion as usually you are the support, but it shouldn’t cause a fight. You shouldn’t have to defend your character nor person. If you do realize you are in a one-sided relationship that doesn’t care to support you. It is hurtful and can add to what you are already facing. When the dust settles re-evaluate the nature of the relationship. Because if your sistah is not willing to hear what you need from her in a crisis you might need to walk away because one day she will be the crisis.

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