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An Open Letter to My Brothas and Sistas.

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I am beautiful. I am successful. I am loved.” If you are going to be kind to anyone in the world you may as well begin with yourself. Be gentle with yourself. You are the only you that you have, and you are the perfect version of yourself for today. Let tomorrow be its own kind of greatness.

No One is Ever Enough.

If everything a man does is wrong no matter how hard he tries to make you happy, and you maintain a double standard you can very well run off your Mr. Right. If that happens it won’t be a cause of no one wanting to love you as much as you not allowing yourself to be loved. In some instances, the brother is not intimidates by who we are, we are simply unreasonable because nothing is ever enough.

The Failure in Forgiveness.

Failing at forgiveness does not mean failing at life. It just means growth. We have to understand that improving the ability to forgive takes experiences and maturity. It is not easy, but it is not impossible. Just remember to let go and learn. Oh, and do NOT burn up a car.

Tips to Stay Committed in Long Distance Relationships.

Whether you travel by car, bus, train or airplane, you have to do the work to stay in a committed long distance relationship.  Make sure that the goal in this relationship is to eventually be together in the same space.  But for now, enjoy each other at a distance and be creative with how you will communicate and that’s how you stay committed in a long distance relationship.

Lessons & Basketball.

I am grateful for the experiences scorekeeping have granted me. These athletes have way more drive than I will ever have physically. They also possess a great ability to deal with life beyond the court. Thanks to them I have learned more about life and how to handle destructive situations.

Living the Single Life.

A man or woman should only add value to the value that you already possess.  To my understanding, the choices are hard out there dating for various reasons and age does not determine maturity.  When you are single, live your life to the fullest, and this is not to say you can’t do that if you’re in a relationship. 

In Two Decades You’ll No Longer Recognize This World, Here’s Why.

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Tweet ( Have you heard of the infamous technological wall? This is a theoretical point in progress where technological advances can go no further. The good news is we’re not going to hit it anytime soon. Here are just some of the ways tech will change our world over the next two decades.  Level 4 […]

Knowing When to Take a Leap of Faith.

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God could care less about your high paying job and benefits, He don’t care about who’s going to talk about you, He will elevate you in the face of your enemies, He will provide for your every need once you step out and take that leap of faith.

Lose the Filter.

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Showing up as an authentic you on every situation allows the people non your life to engage with the real you. In that space they know who they are truly dealing with, and your boundaries and thoughts are better respected because they are apparent. As for this notion of being a lady…you can do so without filter. When you focus on being authentic who can really define your grace, and womanhood for you? Be a lady on your own terms.

Why Fight the Side Chick.

Furthermore, if she does know deal with her apart from him. She violated your trust on a personal level and ought to stand accountable for such. In either space the partner has to be liable for the violation of your relationship because only the people involved can open the door for it to be damaged in this way. It’s time out for wasting energy on fighting the side chick.

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